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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Daily Affirmations # 3

Words of wisdom to live by or not!

I think this would just make me & I'm sure many of you wanna taunt even more if this were the outcome. ;9 ~


  1. I'd be calling her flat chested and moaning like slut, even as my new boobies swelled up bigger and bigger and bigger and I watched her new cock springing out ready to be used... mmmmh.

    Great little snippet caption, loved it!

  2. She's got a tiny butt too! And she's such a prude! And she's too smart, and doesn't have blonde hair!

    How long until you think she'd figure it out?

  3. Why you naughty bitches keep plotting like that? *giggle*

    Nice caption Candy ^^

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  4. Evie@

    You & me both sexy, plus you better share some of that delicious big cock with me bitch. :3


    I think you'll be feeling those results soon enough.


    And we'll keep plotting, whats the fun in being good? >:3


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