(This is a 'Transformation' based blog for the posting of my personal works "XXX fictional caps" & my fantasies involving Gender Bending, M2F & Female to Futa/Dickgirl, Bimbo/Slut, Cartoonification/Flattening themes, Inanimate & Hentai TF's, that are usually forced/revenge themed.)

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Not The Job Offer, Peter Expected

Job security, right?

Simones New Toy

Oh Simone, up to her usual tricks of turning us boys into insatiable lil' sluts.

A curious question, needs a curious answer? (discussion)

While I'm not new to transformation as well as TG/TF fiction or scenario's or the community, I just thought I would try & scratch a lil itch once again to appease my curiosity from within since I've never truly heard honestly from many of you (friends & Anon's) as to what or why its truly appealing or arousing to transform males like me or others into helpless female sluts, sissys & bimbo's before there fucked silly or humiliated?

I know that a vast majority of males like myself, moreso enjoy & get tickled in that certain sweet spot from being the one transformed into the insatiable lil' slutty female tarts but I wanna hear from the males, females & T-girls that enjoy doing the actual transforming to us males.

It can willing, unwilling, forced, revenge etc etc that turns your crank, but I'm just intrigued as to what it is that pushes your buttons by being the one transforming us?

Power, helplessness, deviousness or perhaps a lust to show us our new desires that we may not know?

I'm sure I'll hear some answers I know already, but am curious still..

Bustin' Out

A lil' giftie I made for Evie ( Argus Backburner ) over on Rachels Haven & am happy with its subtle yet quick TF results, was fun to make. ^^

Usually in my storys involving the details of a male to female TF specific scene, I tend to go into the lil' details of whats happening physically as well as mentally to the males mind plus body in more depth but thats usually in a series or at least a 2 panel set..

Its always a lil challenging to do this in a single cap if your trying to add backstory or a lead into it because if you dont it tends to make said story a lil confusing or off to the reader, but thats what makes makin TG/TF fiction fun is the challenges in being creative with it. ;9 ~

Anyways, enough blah blah-ing, enjoy the cap sexys. 

Afterschool Training

Who doesnt love sissys & bondage, another older cap I made for Petra over on the Haven...

Adding To The Collection

Another of many older caps I made for Miss Simone sometime back involving myself & a failed attempt at stealing from her vast enterprise of feminine transformation products before I became a test subject then new housepet.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Chamber Maid

Another creation from a lil' older cap duel payback/revenge for Caitlyn ( Caitlyns Masks Blog ) & ( Rachels Haven ) that was a fun lil creation...

Have Another Round On Me, Pete!

A quik lil' payback/revenge cap I made for "Playin Petra" over on the Haven since I know shes got a thing for sloppy BJ's just like I do..

Deepest Wish

Something I did as a gift a while back for a friend over on Rachels Haven involving my human to hentai verse themes as well as double transformations (female to futa/dickgirl & male to female)..

I love hentai based caps so expect that at random to be mixed in, especially involving my alternate reality (hentai verse) of going from flesh & blood to 2D pixels & digital colors..

Oh, those tricky & mischevious Djinn's.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Stealing Masculinity

Another one of my personal favs is scenario's like what I'm about to post as far as double transformations, involving female to dickgirl/futanari & male to female before the obvious happens..

This was one of many different caps I made involving myself & a friend Ella (Harold) back in the TF Media days even though I still chat with her on futanari palace .

Sometimes I think she/Ella enjoys her new cock just as much as my new pussy that shes continued to violate plus stuff on a regular basis, if I like it or not..

Expect regular updates since I have a huge collection of caps I've made plus have many in the works that I'm making..

I will be offering one free request cap per week, soon for people that comment on a regular basis. Hopefully this will encourage people to lurk less & comment more since I enjoy the critique as well as commentary on my creations, so feel free to do so Anon's & blogsters..

All is fair game for themes/kinks in the requests, if you wish to transform me or be transformed, I'll leave that up to you & your tastes..However, comments must be more then "good cap" type of responses since that would be unfair to others..

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Girlfriends New Girlfriend

I didnt plan on cappin' these pics but I ended up making a very quick femdom based cap just for fun with a nasty lil soon to be ex-girlfriend scenario involving me...

Knee and thigh high socks with stripes & argyles always push my buttons..

Oh & just for fun, I decided to add fello capper & friend rauk22 as a lil' bonus even if I have plans for an upcoming cap that will be much more XXX like most of stuff I cap up/write is..

Blog issues.....hopefully fixed?!?!?

I recently just started this blog just a few days ago & being someone that had other blogs plus isnt new to the interwebs, I thought it seemed odd that my "followers" list gadget was invisable at random but would pop back on if I hit the refresh button..

Now I've had a few people mention "I cant follow you with the list visable" & thats true, but the "follow" tab at the top of the page lets you do that as well...

Its a lil frustrating that the "followers" widget is being buggy but that is the interwebs, so hopefully its fixed since I disabled a few things that I think were dusrupting it & if not, just "refresh" the page or click the "follow" at the top if you wanna keep up with my gender bending deviousness...

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Turned Out & Bimbofied

Another revenge cap that I got on Smitty back when the Trials of Smitty Vs. Candy was into play, involving my male form (Jeff) getting a lil payback which is rare but he was taught what the term "bimbo" meant regardless of if he liked it or not. >:3

Losing a Brother & Gaining a Sister

Lesson for today kids, is that wearing sisters clothes may bring on some unusual side affects, uh oh..

Friday, August 26, 2011

Spunky Dreams or Realitys?

Another quickie I popped out earlier this week of some of my thoughts.....

These are just warm up caps since I took a brief hiatus from cappin so expect more story orientated series based stuff involving Smitty, Candy, Simone & many others I have plans for..


A very old cap I made that I've always loved, a lil more cleaner then my usual fare but still a fun lil romp. 

This image always makes me shiver just from the way its shadowed & by that slutty submissiveness in her eyes that speaks so many words plus actions without any speach or physical movements..

A Fair Wager

Older & a bit more straight to the point cap I made, sometimes losing can be a good or bad thing depending how you look at it. >:3

Another Haven Party

Made this as a THANK YOU cap to Rachel & the girls over on The Haven ( Rachels Haven ) for making such a naughty, fun & silly lil' place..

I guess I found out what happens when its time to pay up after losing a few hands of poker..

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Well Trained!

Something I did for Mistress Simone as a quickie warm up cap...

Freeze Framed

Another cap I did involving myself & Maemi being transformed both from human males into sexy 2D hentai sluts & stuck as a .jpeg image..

Be carefull how you plot your revenge or you may just become it. >:3

Game Over (Bimtendo Inc....)

Yet another from my twisted mind that I made for Maemi over on Rachels Haven involving him getting stuck and transformed from his human male self into what was to be the first of many games for the Bimtendo Inc.... francise (Candy pat pen 2011).

I dont cap furry stuff much so I think a lil yoshi will be alright.

Played around with the layouts a bit on this and had ALOT of fun with this one..

One Large Mcthirsty, Please?

Cap quickie I just made to re-kindle those old humiliations of whats about to start up again with the trials of Smitty Vs. Candy. 

This was done as a silly yet sexy warm up since I took a brief hiatus (2 months) from cappin' but have started back up again.

Basically these Smitty Vs. Candy caps started up over a year ago when Smitty Simon joined over on Rachels Haven & I had an idea to do a trade war. 

Eventually it ended up becoming an epic saga of Jeff being turned into Candy, a nymphomatic bimbo lost and on her quest to find Smitty while fucking everyone & everything along the way.

Some of those caps can be found on Smittys blog  or you can read it completed over on rachels haven, look here ....

Boys Will Be Futa's

A lil hentai quickie I did as a gift for a friend over on Rachels Haven involving my "hentai verse" themes..

Human males that usually end up stuck as 2 dimensional feminine hentai stars/characters that end up in the most humiliating or rewarding of situations..

This one in fact involves myself (Jeff) & Mike getting stuck in the very same game that they both lusted over, except we became the characters in the game..

These themes involving alternate dimensions are another fav of mine, especially when hentai's involved, enjoy. :3


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Guys or Girls Night Out

Another older cap I did back over on TF Media that was for Lexie over on Rachels Haven involving herself & me.

The Bimbo Reunion

Another cap in the series of stuff me & Smitty have been battling out, involving some fun yet humiliating debauchery..

This time smitty has gotten the upper hand once again & reminded me why I'm more suited as a bimbo, then a male..

The battle continues...

Deeply Inked

Another very old cap of mine & for once, its fairly tame but I still love how this turned out..

I did this as a request for someone over on TF Media (R.I.P).

Feelin the Pink

Part of an ongoing cap battle between myself & Davewashere26 over on Rachels Haven involving me getting back for the many times I was transformed, this battle wont end though just like my batle against Smitty Simons..

Would'nt be any fun if it did end though. 

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