(This is a 'Transformation' based blog for the posting of my personal works "XXX fictional caps" & my fantasies involving Gender Bending, M2F & Female to Futa/Dickgirl, Bimbo/Slut, Cartoonification/Flattening themes, Inanimate & Hentai TF's, that are usually forced/revenge themed.)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bloopers, Blunders & Hermy Extra's

A lil' something I made for Christy (Fehrin) over on Rachels Haven & over at her blog, HERE, HERE & HERE!

If you enjoy my hentai caps, then you surely enjoy hers since we both do similiar themes involving futadom & forced TF that meld with XXX hentai.

This cap is an ongoing series that she created about a company that creates various pills & items to transform people (males mainly) into various female forms plus items.

In this cap, I decided to pull a prank/turn the tables on Christy since shes usually the dominate one & turn her into a futa slut thats gets gangbanged by me as well as the others.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Now You Belong To Us

Sometimes when you transform your friends into a pair of sexy bitches, things can backfire if your not carefull.

Or perhaps, this was my plan all along? :3

Added fello friends/cappers Rauk22 & Smitty in as the two dark haired vixens that decided to turn the tables before things got much more dirtier then clean.

Friday, January 27, 2012


Another older quickie I made a while back. 

Sometimes its good to explain yourself more but in this situation, I can see that being a bad thing or good to some. ^^

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Times About Up

Challenge a witch, warlock or another magic wielding being & you may find yourself in a similiar situation but making what you may think to be the right decision may end up being the wrong one in this game of chance. 

Hmmmm, decisions, decisions?

Expanding The Market

Been a bit since I posted any hentai based stuff which is unlike me as well as "hentai verse" themes so heres something new involving myself as well as that crafty futa Christy (Fehrin) that I enjoyed doing.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Friday, January 20, 2012

Tell Me What Your Thinking?

Well after almost a week away, I'll be slowly getting back into my updates. ^^

Between company at my house that ended up leaving this morning instead of wednesday & a serious blizzard/ice storm thats left trees toppled & over 500,000 locals without power, its been a bit chaotic this week.

Fortunately, the weathers calming itself.

All in all, been an interesting & busy week so let the sluttiness continue with lots of Candy adventures & various other naughtiness soon to be mixed in. 

Feels good to be back, slightly. ;3

Monday, January 16, 2012

Temp Hiatus (Blah)

As you can see, I got a lil' situation I'm dealing with ATM so updates wont be happening until the end of this week for a few reasons.

As always, I appreciate everyones comments & support!

Will be back soon enough with more sexy & slutty new content, ttyl.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Take Your Pick!

If ONLY these TF based brothels existed, I truly wonder how successfull they would be?

Friday, January 13, 2012


I guess when I thought I could dress up like a sexy schoolgirl & sneak into the academy to score with some sluts, I found out that I was her & that principals can be magic wielding warlocks.

Been a bit since I did any generic schoolgirl themed stuff involving TG/TF that starts out with Crossdressing. 

Really had fun making this, enjoy. :3

Suck it, Bitch!

Dirty sluts are made, not born!

Filthy quickie I needed to make because of my oral fixation. :3

Thursday, January 12, 2012

It Was Cheaper This Way, Honest!

Always good to get know people better before jumping too quickly into situations, or who knows what might happen. >:3

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Bitchy Backlash Of A Newborn Succubus

Sometimes things just don't go as there supposed to or perhaps, this was how it was supposed to go from the start?

The Comical Cat-tastrophe

Request I did for Christy over on Rachels Haven involving some of this & that, enjoy. ^^

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Silky Blisses Of Concious & Unconciousness

This cap stems from a dream that I would call "Lucid" that I remembered having over a year ago, involving this very same scenario that awoke me from a dead sleep, panting & sweating slightly.

By far one of the most erotic solo dreams I've had involving me becoming female so because of that, I decided to add it to a cap with some more sensual & less XXX images of that sexy tart, Lexi Belle which happens to be my fav starlet.

Its interesting when I was making this cap especially since even though its not an extremely detailed description of what was happening in my dream, its descriptive enough for anyone to get a general visual even if images weren't helping narrate it.

Anyways, enjoy. ~

Your Not Getting Away That Easily

Oh, the irony! 

Something I made for Christy over on Rachels Haven that involves myself as well as Vicki Santuse from RH & if you havent caught Christys blog, go do it RIGHT HERE & HERE! 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Turning The Tables & Boys Into Bitches

Havent had the chance to make a Kayla/Candy cap yet so this was needed, been wanting to use this image for sometime now so I popped this out, enjoy..... :3

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Now I know I said NO UPDATES for a couple days, but suprisingly enough I'm already feeling better & had this cap in some backlog that needed to be posted.

I rarely do crossdressing/trap themed caps even though I do like them & this was lots of fun to make, so I decided to make up something involving myself & that bitchy temptress Evie getting all dressed & femmed up before having a night out.

Even though it looks like we might be getting a lil' naughty before we go looking for some sexy guys or girls.

These images screamed "trap" so I had ta cap em up, but if you guys wanna see more "crossdressing/trap" themed stuff, post it here & I'll randomly post up stuff in small doses just to throw in a lil' variety.

Now, I think its time me & Evie get back to getting some "relief" !

Friday, January 6, 2012

I Rarely Get Sick, But Hate It! (Blah)

*sniff, sniff*

Dont know what happened between yesterday & this morning, but I somehow got a nasty cold/flu bug thats got me snifflin' all over the place plus very irritated & feelin' very shitty. Gonna take a couple days to re-coup & try to get better before posting any new stuff.

My problem is, is I rarely get ill when it comes down to catchin' colds but its always either very sick or completely fine, theres never a happy medium which kinda sucks!

Anyways, heres to hopin' I kick this quickly so I can get back to my day to day like I'm use to.

Chao, lovelys! :3

Daily Affirmations # 5

New Years Eve did get a bit strange!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Kylies Sweet Tooth

Decided to make a short series involving Kylie aka rauk22 since I've really ONLY capped rauk once & thought it was time to do a Kylie/Candy cap just for fun since shes just made an appearance.

I rarely do perspective caps that solely show the mental struggles of the one transformed either at their own hands or by the hands of another.

However, that may change since this was a blast to do & I thought it was even more fun to focus the mental struggles between rauk & the inner female self that was trying before eventually taking over.

I tried to leave some parts open ended as well to make the reader think more, like how did Jeff get transformed into Candy? Did his friend Rauk really transform him or were the two males transformed unknowingly or tricked before rauks mind began to corrupt his new female body? Did rauk do all this on purpose because he enjoys the thoughts of dominating me as a female bimbo even though he knows I was originally a male? Questions, questions?

Even though these weren't originally the images I planned to use for a Kylie/Candy cap, I have a fondness for shower scenes & Madison Scott plus Carli Banks made this set extremely cap worthy.

Anyways, enjoy & hopefully you like this rauk. Consider it a small thank you for now for all the squirm worthy stuff you capped for me back when we started to chat years back over on TF-Media. :3

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Needy Slut

Never keep a slut like Candy waiting.

Leaking The Truth

Another quickie I made a while back, sometimes truth is the ONLY thing that leaks out,

Cowgirl Candy

Apologies on the lack of updates, finally though after having company over for 3 days I got my apartment all back to myself again.

Heres a lil quickie I did for Christy over on Rachels Haven since I know she loves cowgirls & so do I, but who wouldn't wanna pound a sexy big tittied slut.

Enjoy. :3

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Wishes Granted (Getting Your Slut)


Hope everyone had a good holiday, as you can see I was busy so I decided to bring in 2012 with a dirty quickie featuring yours truly being fucked deep & hard into submission by my girlfriends new huge cock.

Tried something new by adding pink/white checkboard for the text background & cant tell if I like it or not, anyways enjoy lovelys. 

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