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Friday, January 20, 2012

Tell Me What Your Thinking?

Well after almost a week away, I'll be slowly getting back into my updates. ^^

Between company at my house that ended up leaving this morning instead of wednesday & a serious blizzard/ice storm thats left trees toppled & over 500,000 locals without power, its been a bit chaotic this week.

Fortunately, the weathers calming itself.

All in all, been an interesting & busy week so let the sluttiness continue with lots of Candy adventures & various other naughtiness soon to be mixed in. 

Feels good to be back, slightly. ;3


  1. Someone likes to talk dirty to their dildo!

    Sorry to hear you had such a rough week, I'm glad things are calming down for you now

  2. Glad that you are safe and still have power and heat!...

    Speaking of which, you're looking powerfully hot here, you slutty, little minx. Come here and work on daddy's tallywhacker, then I'll have you use your toylywhacker on me after I turn into mommy!

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