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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Kylies Sweet Tooth

Decided to make a short series involving Kylie aka rauk22 since I've really ONLY capped rauk once & thought it was time to do a Kylie/Candy cap just for fun since shes just made an appearance.

I rarely do perspective caps that solely show the mental struggles of the one transformed either at their own hands or by the hands of another.

However, that may change since this was a blast to do & I thought it was even more fun to focus the mental struggles between rauk & the inner female self that was trying before eventually taking over.

I tried to leave some parts open ended as well to make the reader think more, like how did Jeff get transformed into Candy? Did his friend Rauk really transform him or were the two males transformed unknowingly or tricked before rauks mind began to corrupt his new female body? Did rauk do all this on purpose because he enjoys the thoughts of dominating me as a female bimbo even though he knows I was originally a male? Questions, questions?

Even though these weren't originally the images I planned to use for a Kylie/Candy cap, I have a fondness for shower scenes & Madison Scott plus Carli Banks made this set extremely cap worthy.

Anyways, enjoy & hopefully you like this rauk. Consider it a small thank you for now for all the squirm worthy stuff you capped for me back when we started to chat years back over on TF-Media. :3


  1. Ooooh so sexy! I would love to see more play dates between you and Kylie! I have a feeling Candy might be to blame for their current predicament

  2. Wow, that was amazing. Let's see, mental struggle, taunting tone of voice, sexy lesbians, open ended plot, and Kylie to top it all off. Pretty much every single item that goes into my favorite captions, and you got them all. All I can say is fantastic caption. I love it.

  3. I know you wrote this for Rauk, but it hit pretty dead on with the more manipulative side of my own preferences as well. I'm a bit jealous of Kylie, but I know there is plenty of Candy to go around.

  4. Chaos@

    Haha, now why would you say that, I'm an angel. >:3


    Glad u enjoyed it, it was fun to make & hit some buttons.

    A Nony@

    Mmmmmm, I have something planned for you soon enough that will bring Kayla & Candy together.

    I'll make sure to keep what you mentioned in mind hun. ^^


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