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Friday, January 6, 2012

I Rarely Get Sick, But Hate It! (Blah)

*sniff, sniff*

Dont know what happened between yesterday & this morning, but I somehow got a nasty cold/flu bug thats got me snifflin' all over the place plus very irritated & feelin' very shitty. Gonna take a couple days to re-coup & try to get better before posting any new stuff.

My problem is, is I rarely get ill when it comes down to catchin' colds but its always either very sick or completely fine, theres never a happy medium which kinda sucks!

Anyways, heres to hopin' I kick this quickly so I can get back to my day to day like I'm use to.

Chao, lovelys! :3


  1. Hope you get better soon babe!

  2. awwww get well soon sweetie, i love your caps. :) hugs

  3. I'm hoping that you get better quickly. A bimbo that is sick is like a big lollipop that just feel on the ground. You know you want to lick it, but it's best to wait until you can wash it off before you do so you don't get sick.

    OK. Bad analogy, but I hope the laugh took your mind off of being sick for a few moments.

  4. *snickers*

    Haha, appreciate the clever jab. ~

  5. Feel better soon! They say giving blow jobs help you get better faster, so you shouldn't be sick for long

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