(This is a 'Transformation' based blog for the posting of my personal works "XXX fictional caps" & my fantasies involving Gender Bending, M2F & Female to Futa/Dickgirl, Bimbo/Slut, Cartoonification/Flattening themes, Inanimate & Hentai TF's, that are usually forced/revenge themed.)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bloopers, Blunders & Hermy Extra's

A lil' something I made for Christy (Fehrin) over on Rachels Haven & over at her blog, HERE, HERE & HERE!

If you enjoy my hentai caps, then you surely enjoy hers since we both do similiar themes involving futadom & forced TF that meld with XXX hentai.

This cap is an ongoing series that she created about a company that creates various pills & items to transform people (males mainly) into various female forms plus items.

In this cap, I decided to pull a prank/turn the tables on Christy since shes usually the dominate one & turn her into a futa slut thats gets gangbanged by me as well as the others.


  1. thats defiantly a DVD i would buy. ;3

  2. Ha, well done! I love it, dear

  3. I gotta get me one of those dvds. Also I should get into the taping for one of those infomercials


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