(This is a 'Transformation' based blog for the posting of my personal works "XXX fictional caps" & my fantasies involving Gender Bending, M2F & Female to Futa/Dickgirl, Bimbo/Slut, Cartoonification/Flattening themes, Inanimate & Hentai TF's, that are usually forced/revenge themed.)

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Bangin In The New Year!

After that humiliating payback from Natalie, it seems Sean changed me back before him & Natalie decided to celebrate with me in other ways.


~ Candy

Monday, December 28, 2015

The Hentai-ed & Bimbofied Mistress

Well I was given 'free roam' for a day by Mistress Natalie Amore in a comment post & requested or gave a suggestion so I rolled with it in a 'temporary turn the tables' themed cap that I put a lil spin on.

Rarely will you see Dickgirl Natalie in this role since I kinda let her 'have it' with the humiliating themes even it was a fun spin on what I usually write but I know the punishments/reprocussions will be coming, severly. :3 ~

I'm sure many will enjoy watching this slutty hentai Dickgirl on Dickgirl one shot DVD regardless.

I'll have a follow up/second part to this posted soon enough.

Enjoy, Candy ~

Friday, December 25, 2015



More updates soon enough.

~ Candy

Monday, December 14, 2015

The Hypnotical Payback Or Toying?

Been a bit since I've posted any new content even if I have a ton of stuff set-up to finish including a bimbo-soft bimbo flattener multi panel involving myself & Natalie plus a couple Sean based caps as well as ALOT of others.

Everythings fine 'offline', just been very busy due to work & holidays which is per-usual this time of year so freetimes been thin to be creative! :3

Anyways, this is another thats been in the works for months that I just finished involving hypnotism/mind control which I rarely do even if its lots of fun to do these. Seems Natalie found & made herself a new Candy Hentai Toy, but thats just the tip of the iceberg on the humiliation thats about to CUM, it seems! <3 ~

Comments, suggestions & support is always appreciated! 

Enjoy, Candy ~

Monday, November 23, 2015

Temp Hiatus (BLAH's)

Apologies on the lack of activity but as of late, things 'offline' have been a lil rough so updates will not be for another week or so. ^^

Still plan on posting & have a few things about done involving Natalie plus Sean which I enjoy capping as well as one I may add old friend plus capper Smitty.

Nope, I'm not stopping capping or adding new content on here but just need a short break to deal with some 'real life' crap which I wont get into. ^^

Thanks as always to everyones ideas, requests (which I will still be doing), comments & overall support of my strange lil' gender bent transformation corner of teh interwebs.

~ Candy

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Alpha Club Announcement

Got a few things going on plus another involving Natalie & Sean I'm finishing up, but until then heres a special service announcement to remind patrons to make sure to pay your tabs upon leaving or who knows what might ensue as I soon found out. <3

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Wolves In Sexy Clothing (Dickgirl Dominance)

Older cap I've been meaning to finish involving Natalie & a Doppleganger of herself tricking me before I find out what there true intentions really are, got a few others almost finished as well so updates soonish! :3 ~

Things arent always what they seem as I soon find out! <3

~ Candy

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween! (Blah)

Happy halloween everyone! ^^

Guess I was sent into a hentai DVD & someone then transformed me into the busty bound hentai silver haired female spellcaster vixen of the movie as dress-up for the holiday, looks like my powers were took as well.


New content is on the way! <3

~ Candy 

Monday, October 26, 2015

Ask Candy/Jeff? (Interactive)

Occasionally I do these every few years but as per the title suggests, ask me anything but by anything I mean try to keep it within the confines of the blog or themes/kinks. :3 ~

~ Candy

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Do you.......

....enjoy being the one that transforms guys like me into feminine playthings or enjoy being transformed as well, both?

I sometimes wonder about this & for me thats self answered obviously. :3 

Heres another recorded humiliation of my last weekend after a night out & a few drinks, plus a few spells or at least one slutification one used on me for?

Not sure if I was transformed by a Djinn, Alpha Warlock, Reveresed Witch or? 

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Seans Poster Pet

Cap thats been in the works, that I finally got around to finishing based on some old comments in another cap thread that sounded fun. :3 ~

Got a couple Halloween based caps planned including one with multipanels & a sexy lil' webm movie to add to the cap. This will be my next post actually, fun lil spin on a few of my off the wall TF/TG ideas I love to do.

~ Candy

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Decisions, Decisions?

Been a bit since I posted new content so heres a quickie, another digital themed Candy cap guest starring that Futa Mistress Of Mayhem, Natalie Amore. ^^

Gonna start up my 'Daily Affirmations' series again as well & start updating more frequently. As per usual, 'real life' has been chewing up my freetime but because I have dozens of caps half finished, I'll be finishing & posting them quicker so expect more bimbo, inanimate, futa, devious roomie & many others posted soonish.

Still got some requests I plan on finishing that I havent forgot about.

Until then, it looks like Natalie has a new digital Candy toy to use & abuse at the click of her fingertips for the moment. Can ONLY imagine the sexy humiliation shes got planned for my digital bimbo form.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Tied Up (Blah)

Will be back soon enough, been a bit 'tied up' recently but hope to have some new content soonish. 

Stay tuned!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Ideas and........

Been a minute since I updated anything but wanted to share this specific doujin for one because I love Q/Behind Moon which is known for gender bending/dickgirl themed hentai & adding in gender bending plus a trap/femboy just adds to the tri-fecta. 

(THIS DOUJIN HERE) I highly recommend checking out, english translation is in the works.

I envisioned myself getting pulled into said doujin, flattened then transforming into the devious trap/femboy that trys & shortly dominates the futa (in which I see being Natalie Amore) before she turns the tables on my femboy form & forcefully transforms me into a big tittied slut that Natalie/she eventually fucks silly plus stuffs full of big futa-cock. 

This may actually be a theme I eventually make into a cap involving just this.

Got many things half done & am hoping to post something new by tomm night so keep an eye out.

~ Candy

Monday, September 7, 2015

Conned At The Con!

Still wondering who bought me & what happened to me in the game?

Older cap I've been meaning to post. ~

~ Candy

Monday, August 31, 2015

Hentai Woes (Interactive)

I find myself once again sent into the hentai-verse & transformed into a busty dark haired beach bunny. 

Trick is, how did I get here, did you send me to the hentai-verse & are controlling/manipulating my new digital hentai female form from the human realm or from the otherside of the computer screen? Is that you pulling my bikini from me, are you turning me into a Doujin, DVD or Hentai Game?

What themes or kinks are in said DVD, Hentai Game or Doujin/Manga?

Are you in the game, DVD or doujin with me as a dickgirl, alpha male or just a random passer by deciding to take advantage of my new busty female form?

I'm so confused & naked?

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Natalie, Candy & The Cartooniverse

Well, well, well it seems a new devious yet dominant dickgirl made her way into my Candy-verse that will play random roles in some caps I pop out or situations I may find myself forcefully sent in. Natalie Amore seems to already be enjoying her manipulation of the rifts between human & otherwordly realms/universes.

This might prove to be interesting, sexy & humiliating for me, depending on what she has planned?

I think shes alreading adapting to her new cartoon futa form & what she can do to me in the cartooniverse. I ONLY wonder what she has planned for my blonde cartoon form & what lies in wait down the road in the hentai & human realms as well.

We will see, wont we? :3 ~

Monday, July 27, 2015

Tales Of The Devious Roomate: A Witchy Weekend

(More on the way, seems a reversed backlash happened because of the neighbor? Wonder whats gonna happen next?)

Sean (the devious roomie)  speaks: 

"Sorry but Jeff or erm, I man Candy has her mouth full at the moment so she cant speak but I think more punishments plus humiliations are in order so what should I do to Candy next?"

1) Keep her as a bimbo, continuing to pound her senseless.

2) Send her through the bimbo flattener, flattening, pressing, pancaking & steamrolling her loopily into a paper thin human or cartoon bimbo collectable to taunt & tease.

3) Hentai her 2 dimensionally & make myself some slutty hentai movies or doujins to enjoy.

4) All of the above & then some, eventually knocking her loopy from the multitude of humiliating & embarrasing transformations? 

Later that weekend, Candys poundzies, stuffzies & stupidly hard bouncies continued on & on by Sean as she was continually fucked senseless plus even more brainlessly ditzy.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Curiously Neighborly Neighbor

(Nope not dead, nor is this blog & I have a cap started for Dex plus Natalie as well as a devious roomie cap in the works featuring Sean. Stay tuned for updates, hoping to have a couple of these done this weekend but until then it looks like Sean & myself got a new neighbor that might wanna watch himself. Sean might get wise to whats going on & *poof*, there might be 2 girls instead of one on one of these adventurous evenings. :3)

It had only been a week since I moved next door to a couple guys named Sean & Jeff, both guys seemed to be friendly but I knew something was going on when I occasionally caught Sean heading into his apartment with various blonde bimboish looking girls.

Thats when things seemed to get the better of my curiosity before I invited Jeff over for a few drinks one evening. Something told me that those girls were Jeff after he was feminized by Sean, but I knew since I had a fetish for turning or transforming guys into slutty females ever since my first time going to a 'transformation' themed club.

After a few pink pills in one of Jeffs beers, I knew this wasnt the first time he had been transformed into a blonde slut. Just the way, this new blonde sucked my cock told me that I would be inviting Jeff over many more times so I could use my neighbor in various ways like the perfect transformation toy Jeff seemed to be.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Paying Or Stripping The Debt (animated)

(Happy 4th to those who celebrate it & I'll start working on those ideas ASAP, thanks to all for the continued support, idea's plus feedback! Candy ~ )

Watch what happens when Jeff sends himself into the hentai-verse, this time on his own free will to a club filled with sexy, voluptuous women. Little does Jeff know that he's in a dickgirl nightclub or what these girls have hidden but soon finds out after he rings up a high bar tab before Jeff then learns how he or rather now she's gonna work off that debt.

What will happen to Candy, after hours, only time will tell? 

Watch Jeff in another transformed role as hentai bimbo, Candy Cumms in 'Paying Or Stripping The Debt' out now from 'Human Male 2 Hentai Female XXX Productions' in association with 'Bimboified Male Hentai XXX' & 'Well Hung Hentai Honeys'.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Magician Cap (Need A Guest Star?)

Planning on doing a couple 'Magician' based caps involving myself plus inanimate themes which will revolve around flattenings most likely with a magical wringer.

Thought it might be fun to add a couple people in this.

Looking for a couple Alpha males or dickgirls that would have no objections or might take pleasure in forced or backfired transformation/bimbofying me before I soon find things to be a bit 'pressing'. ;3

If interested, post in this thread in detail on how or what you will transform/flatten me into or if you prefer a hentai/anime or real life based image as well as what name you want me to use for you.

The alpha caps are in the works as well, already just about done with the opening so those will be posted within the next 2 weeks.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

New Look (Yay or Nay?)

Decided to change up the blog a bit & will be tweaking the header a lil more when I have time, please comment if you like it or wish to see the old format back? 

Also add any things you wish to see more of, comments always appreciated!

~ Candy

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Terra's Witchy Wickedness: Blondes Always Make The Best Posters

Another heavy 'inanimate' & 'flattening' based TG/TF cap with Mastercaster guest starring as Terra The Witch & me feeling the magical wrath of what happens if you might happen to misspell spells.

Enjoy & those alpha caps are in the works, just been terribly busy & unable to get time to be creative.

~ Candy

Monday, May 4, 2015

The Submissive Dominatrix (Animated)

The rumors about these hidden clubs that catered to certain fetishes involving people who enjoyed the thoughts of dominating men that had been forcefully or willingly transformed into woman as well as other magical transformations seemed all to real, especially for Jeff when he took a dip in a sauna that contained chemicals known for feminizing men.

Jeff still had been in disbelief as he noticed himself, now a plump well curved blonde milf even if it still seemed strange that he willingly turned himself into a female. However, Jeff loved the thoughts that as a woman, s/he could become a true dominatrix towards other sexy woman & even dickgirls.

Stepping out of the relaxing spa, Jeff just gulped & grinned as the new blonde looked herself over before she made her way towards the room labeled 'blonde sluts'. Mmmmm, dominating a dumb blonde bimbo sounded more then appealing as the new blonde quickly made her way into the small enclosed room as she looked around, noticing no black leather heeled boots or various other toys plus clothing associated with most leather clad female dominatrix's.

Thats when Jeff turned ONLY to hear the door quickly lock shut as a video screen began to hypnotically play & a stern almost vicious females voice soon followed as the new blonde Jeff had become couldn't help but to freeze plus focus her eyes plus ears on the TV screen that hung on the wall.

Filthy images & noises echoed as they repeated themselves before the new blonde felt her pussy getting warm, knowing she entered the wrong room even if she soon felt the urge to suck & get fucked by big cocks.

Minutes flew by as the blonde felt her mind reprogramming as the video continued to play, Jeff's brain slowly melting into pink bimboidom as thoughts of being fucked, sucking cocks & cum clouded the new blondes brain before a bubbly giggle echoed from her plump gloss covered lips.

Thats when another girl groaned from the otherside of the wall that the new blonde was in before a *BEEP* sounded & the screen shut the video off before the words 'Phase 2' now blinked on the screen.

Thats when Jeff noticed a hole in wall before a huge hard girlcock pushed through it as a strong commanding females voice quickly barked out "Suck my cock, you ditzy blonde slut!" before the new blonde couldn't help but to obey & drop to her knees before she began to lick, tease & suck that girlcock like a veteran pornstar.

Many always warned people that if you did find & enter these 'transformation' clubs that you might want to read the fine print before entering the various rooms. However for Jeff, he was one to not listen & soon found out what happens to those that dont before being reminded that he was better anyways at being a bimboish submissive lil' slut like he always ended up transformed into.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Alpha Tales (Requests/Ideas CLOSED!)

After a few weeks, I decided to close the 'Alpha Tales - Misadvetures' series requests since no one else is posting & I've got enough to do at least a 10 part mini-series. Thanks to all & any for there ideas, sadly I wont be using all of them but to the ones I done use, I'll make sure to toss those ideas into other caps I make in the future.

This series will pay some homages to other cappers/friends as well like Smitty etc etc, that I collabed & have enjoyed as well so expect a few cameo's.

Already working on an opening & got pics saved for certain parts, plus will be adding a few freestyle filler segments in so if time allows it I'll be posting at least 1 part per week so keep an eye out.

~ Candy

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Another Trip Into The H-Verse (animated)

(Been playing around with file coverters & chopped a couple vids to make these specific for this post as far as me randomly getting pulled in plus trapped momentarily as the blonde victim in these vids. 

Already starting as well on the 'alpha' series I posted about so those will hopefully start posting soon. Thanks to all, these should be about once per week hopefully. but until then, enjoy another animated misadventure with me as a blonde hentai slut.)

"It all happened so fast that all I could remember, was another flash of light before I found myself trapped & transformed as some blonde hentai bimbo.

My mind raced but instantly, I realised how quickly I had been thrown into the role of another common blonde hentai whore as if I was auditioning for the latest hentai movie?

Quickly, I felt my much weaker feminine 36 DD body thrown to the ground as a strange man continued to point a camera at me. Echo's of *CLICK, CLICK, CLICK* now filled my mind before I felt a finger then slide into the new wet void that had been my newly made pussy.

Instantly, my mouth curled & I groaned out like a common slut as this man continued to verbally command me like a common piece of property before his dick slid right into my quivering pussy.

I could believe how much I bucked back against his thrusts as my ass bounced & shook with every slamming pound before instantly I noticed everything go black as a sticky glaze of cum covered me like a well placed out birthday cake.

Thats when I heard the echo's & chants of random onlookers before I awoke not ONLY in a catsuit, shackled & in a daze in some sports themed arena.

Oh god, I knew I was bound & helpless even if I wanted to run plus break free I still couldn't help but writhe as if I wanted to be humiliated plus pounded senseless.

I noticed another auburn haired catgirl being approached by the other humongous man at the same time I was. Mmmmm, why was I squirming & getting so excited from the torment this guy was already giving me? Thats when the humming of a bound vibrating dildo began to shake violently before my new blonde hentai female body finally gave in as I squealed out like in another mind breaking orgasm. 

I couldn't believe how hard this guy was or big, before his dick slid in & her pounded me until I seen stars. 

Thats when I realised I was being recorded as another hentai DVD before I soon awoke after being fucked so hard, I passed out covered in the mans spunk before I had mysteriously been transported back to the human realm plus my original human male body.

I still have yet to know how I was transported this time even if my body still shook at the thoughts of what had just happened."

Monday, April 13, 2015

Screwed & Cartooned!

Something I've been meaning to post involving myself with 'cartoonification' themes that I know some dont enjoy but I do. This contains classic 'slapstick' comedy as well although I see a severe lack of human to cartoon TF, especially involving gender bending so I'll try to change that.

Thanks to all for there ideas & comments about my 'Alpha' series I'm going to try to get going soon, I'm still wanting to hear more ideas so if you got any please post Here & Here as well to get an idea if your new to what I'm talking about.

Anyways, I have a feeling the new cartoon I'm starring in might get a bit humorous as well as comically embarrasing when those other much more devious toon gals get there hands on me or devices over me. :3 ~

Enjoy ~

Thursday, April 2, 2015

New Series (Ideas, add on & Blah Blah's)

Lately I've been thinking about putting a twist on the 'alpha' storys & am looking to do a short series or perhaps longer one depending on the ideas I come up with or if this catches.

Now, I know I've gotten many requests to be in Candy themed caps & am now going to be looking for 'victimzers' that are dominate in these sidestorys featuring yours truly that has gotten into some forcefully odd but sexy scenario's.

Now if you would like to guest star in these, please post comments in this post with your ideas on what you wanna see yourself doing to me (i.e - how you would transform me, what I would be transformed into/hentai or human bimbo or inanimates?, what name you want me to use with you/your character & if you wish to be a dominate alpha dickgirl or male.).

I am ONLY looking for dominate antagonists for these sidestorys so be thorough in what you wanna see, do, names etc etc in your comments/replys.

I'll leave this post up for a couple weeks & am looking forward to hearing ideas from readers, ANONS plus the like. 

~ Candy

Monday, March 23, 2015

Your My Bimbo Now, Jeff!

Been a while since I posted anything new as well as that was strictly 'bimbo' themed so heres something to add. As per usual, my lack of freetime has been intering with my ability to get time to be creative.

Added Sean in on this one as well, since him plus many others are easy to cap since I know there 'kinks' plus know they enjoy doing these sorts of things to lil' ole me. :3

There will be a part 2 of this as well so stay tuned as well as some M2F/Dickgirl themed hentai verse coming up. 

~ Candy

Later On That Evening after Round & Pound, Tenzies!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Bimbtech Presents, 'The Bimbosoft Bimbo Flattener'

Been meaning to do an add for something I've used multiple times in many caps I've made.

Thanks again to SaucySean who helped with the idea way back in a comment that was made on what he would use to bimbofy then loopily flatten me cartoonishly many times thus far & I'm sure many more as my devious roomie. :3

The Cartoonifier 3000 is already in the works too, which I'm sure a few of you would have fun using on me & bimbofying plus digitzing me into your very own Candy Looney Toons cartoon to watch on TV.

Mwah, Candy

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