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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween! (Blah)

Happy halloween everyone! ^^

Guess I was sent into a hentai DVD & someone then transformed me into the busty bound hentai silver haired female spellcaster vixen of the movie as dress-up for the holiday, looks like my powers were took as well.


New content is on the way! <3

~ Candy 


  1. Silly Candy I just can't let you keep your magical powers, I Promised Natalie that I would take them and use them for our personal pleasure. Now first its time for increased sensitivity, and submissive sluttyness while you enjoy the night with Miss Hung. Then Its back to my lap like the good little black cat your going to be. I look forward to seeing you later Candy, and have fun Natalie.

    1. So nice of you to deliver me a silver haired sorceress Candy all ready to go out! I'm going to take her out to a Halloween sex club! ;p <3

      I'm going as a sexy succubus, and luckily here in the Hentai-verse I do have powers! Anyone I kiss falls under the spell of my allure and will do whatever I wish. Just to add another layer of fun to the night, I think I'll put the already submissive and slutty Candy under my spell right now!

      ((Natalie pulls Candy into a deep sensual kiss.))

      I plan to put a number of girls and guys under my spell when we get there too. It should be a very sexy night! Sean, you're fully welcome to join us! ;)

      My costume: https://img.4plebs.org/boards/x/image/1410/69/1410699835860.jpg

    2. "Oh crap, like theres no way out of this one & this is about to get humiliating!" I yipe before instantly that dickgirl tongue plunges inside my mouth as the allure spell takes control.

      My eyes begin to spin in disorientated hypnotic state before I feel the succubus kiss broken long enough to speak "Like yes, Mistress Natalie! I am your slutty concubine"

    3. "Hmm...Let's go have some fun!" ;p <3

      At the club we hang out in a VIP balcony area overlooking the floor of the club. As I survey the club I point out 4 guys and 4 girls, all 8 are looking good! (Whether they are all truly girls I'll let Candy decide.)

      1 Guy is dressed as The Old Spice Guy who is hanging at the bar.
      1 Girl is dressed as Lara Croft but instead of guns has dildos and is dancing.
      1 Guy is dressed as Captain America, with 1 Girl is dressed as a sexy Agent Carter, an obvious couple.
      1 Guy is dressed as a Space Pirate Vampire, and is making out/fondling...1 Girl dressed as Faye Valentine who in return is stroking him under the table in a booth.
      1 Guy is dressed in only a Large Censor Bar who is also dancing.
      1 Girl is dressed as skimpy Ryuko from Kill la Kill and is sitting with a few geeky friends, all of which including herself seem like first timers to the club.

      "Candy bring those 8 to me! I want you to somehow entice each of them with your body. Once you bring them to me I will put them under my spell. It'd be great to get this party started before Sean arrives!"

      I begin to lounge on a large cushioned chaise longue, as I prepare to watch my concubine Candy seduce and give herself to complete strangers.

      (I'd really like to hear how Candy entices each target to come up to join our orgy!) ;p

    4. (Quite the list! :3 I will post a good reply to this over the weekend since I've been a bit busy, got a lil freetime this weekend & will be finishing up a few caps as well. )

    5. ( I also look forward to hearing about this. I'm curious as to when the purrrfect moment to arrive will be."

    6. UPDATE! I am actually going to integrate this as a 1 page quickie extra in a hentai cap I'm making which will involve both of you. Should be done by tomm night since its multiplepages plus has a gif plus webm added to it. <3

    7. Fully approve of this! <3

      I'll be eagerly awaiting to see this cap!(I always look forward to your caps.) ;)

      I sure like having fun in the comment section on your page! Is it weird how often we end up having a little role play in the comments? ;p

    8. Thought you might & why thank you Miss Well Hung, your an easy one to cap. ^^

      Its fun & enjoyable, seems to be which doesnt bother me in the slightest depending on who it is. :3

      Sadly, my times chewed up so cap wont be posted tonight but most of the layouts done which takes the longest. Just gotta write the storyline but until then perhaps you could leave me a lil something in response to the image in this link I'm posting.

      I may add this in another cap with you crushing me somehow in a sexcube before using me.


    9. Let's see, what to do with a sexcubed Candy...

      I'll have to think about the possibilities! I'll try to write you a message tomorrow! ;p <3

    10. (In response to that link you posted.)

      I had heard friends of mine, whom also had bimbo slaves, rave all about the things you could do if you cubed your bimbo. So I just had to try some of them out with Candy! She had come along so nicely since she had been Jeff, but to avoid getting bored I was always looking for new ways to use her! Here are some of the things I tried!

      1. After a long day on my feet there's nothing better than to come home, kick off my heels, and putt my feet up on my cubed Candy footrest. Once I've had a bit of a rest, I can just spin her around, and pull her to the edge of the couch where I can just straddle her face, resting my legs on her ass and stick my cock between her lips for a nice afternoon blowjob! ;)

      2. She makes a great toy for my cats! Catnip toys can be tied to her nipple and nose rings and the cats will claw at her tits and face all day long! The more she shakes her head to try and avoid getting scratched the more she attracts them to the toy waving around from her nose! It really saves all my other furniture! I can even rub some catnip on her pussy and my kitties will just lick it for hours! ;p

      3. My Candy makes one sexy little end table! I can use her as is right next to my couch! OR she can be converted into an end table/lamp combo. I called up my electrician, who wired a power cord to her nipples, then the pole for the lamp attachment just sticks into her tight little ass with an attachment going into her pussy for stability. It's important to insulate your bimbo with a tight rubber covering with just holes so you don't electrocute yourself by accidentally touching her! Then you just plug her in! This also gives the option of plugging in phone charger's or whatever into her mouth! ;o

      4. For this one I needed to make sure Candy's nipple and nose rings were reinforced, so that they wouldn't just rip out over time. Since I already had her wired up for power, I had a chandelier built around her as the central motif! It shows of the beauty of my Candy while still serving a vital function. I've currently got my Candylier hanging from the ceiling by her nipples and nose, lighting up the entrance hall of my mansion! It's quite a sight to behold! ;p

      (I hope you enjoy beautiful! When I started writing I had no idea how useful a cubed Candy could be!) <3

    11. (Oh so sexy, thanks Miss Well Hung! Seems I was quite usefull, even as a bimbo cube! <3 I could also see you talking me towards the bimbo flattener, before after a few spins through the tight rollers, you flatten me into a sexy Candy bimbo dress or perhaps a pair of panties to stretch up around that huge cock of yours!)

  2. Thanks to Candy here, I'm not powerless either. I'll make my way to you and Candy in due time. Don't break her or wear her out before then (or two many of the other girls) The first thing is to find a costume that suits me. Then time to test these powers out.


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