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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Misadventures Of Jeff Jeffries: Gender Bent Detective - File #2

(I still cant remember how this happened, but do remember I was very sore the next day & tired? Must've had a few too many or something else?)

It was another day for detective Jeff Jeffries, his mind still remembered the humiliating first encounter with crime syndicate Mistress Natalie Amore which kept the unwavering detective on defense.

After another long boring day at the office, with little to report that was going on in the underworld of the Red Light District. Mr. Jeffries took his usual cab towards home before deciding to stop at what looked like a new bar called Alpha B's.

Moments had passed as the detective walked into Alpha B's before ordering a cold beer as the stocky bartender gave Jeff Jeffries a nod of thank you & a sheepish grin.

Thats when the young detective left his bar stool & made his way into the mens bathroom, noticing a few open stalls before entering one of them. Almost instantly, the stall door seemed to shut & lock on its own before the shocked detective felt an overpowering heat & wave of energy engulf his body as it quickly feminized the male detective into a lithe bubbly blonde.

All Detective Jeffries could do was look in shock before noticing not only his newly transformed female frame in the mirror on the opposite stall wall but a small hole on the otherside.

Thats when a cock popped through with a familiar voice that laughed under his breath began to speak. "Mmmmmmm, I could tell you had some feminine attributes in you & the bathroom stall you just enters auto-detects it before turning its male prisoners into needy female cocksluts so suck it detective!" the man laughed before the new blonde realised it was the bartender on the otherside of the wall as she felt a ping begin to set in her brain.

Upon seeing the words on the stall wall about loving "Big Cocks", the slutification hypnosis quickly enslaved the feminized detectives brain as the newly transformed blonde female dropped to her knee's & began to needily suck, slurp & lick at the bartenders big cock.

After hours of sucking then fucking, detective Candy was left in a pool on the floor of her own cum as well as the bartenders before everything seemed to become a complete haze.

Weeks later, Alpha XXX released another 'Gloryhole' video involving a newly transformed blonde slut & her whorish escapades in a bathroom stall one evening. 

Monday, September 19, 2016

The Roomate Reprogramming

Havent done anything 'cartoony' in a while, I know its always ALOT of fun doing these for me. :3

This will be one in a few I'll be doing involving different themes for this series so expect 'follow ups' plus some other new content as mentioned. ^^

Ugh, my heads still in a bit of a loopy daze from becoming a cartoon poptart & from all the flattening, inflating, molding & other cartoon hyjinx brought upon me by those devious cartoon dickgirls in my very own cartoon Sean transformed me into. I know it ONLY got much more humiliating after the steamroller incident even if I wonder what cartoon shenanigans happened afterwords?

Perhaps you could mention what you thought or did happen to lil ole cartoon me in this 9 minute humiliating Candy cartoon? 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Blah, BLAH's

(Sadly these posts are sounding like broken records but 'offline' business keeps me from being prolific. Updates & new content soon forth coming though, got a cap featuring Sean again as well as one with a new dickgirl on the scene named Jessie Robins so keep an eye out! :3)

"Nghhhhhhhh - KYAAAAHHH, oh gawd whoever has the Djinn magical remote keeps reminding this scene & replaying my double penetration dickgirl pounding, stuffing plus fucking but who trapped me plus whats cumming up in the hentai-video I was transformed plus trapped into as this silver haired hentai slut?"

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Ask & You Or I Shall Recieve?

(Allo, you never know what might happen in the hentai verse, especially when dealing with that devious roomate Sean? Art is by xxxx52 by the way & just curious what you peoples wanna see in up/coming caps involving lil ole me? More hentai verse, cartoon themes like me being pressed flat, dickgirls dominating, inanimate TF, Bimbo themes etc etc? Post your thoughts & ideas, plus I've been debating on retiring from this blog as well as capping but still havent decided so post your thoughts, ideas & opinions. ;9)

"Mmmmmmmmm, perhaps next time you'll think before being so cocky towards me roomie even if I'll be the one thats cockier this evening! Hmmmmm Jeff, or my cute teasing lil Candy Dakimakura?"

Monday, August 15, 2016

What Ever Happened To Jeff Jeffries?

(Took a brief hiatus after a PC death that was replaced & very busy offline issues, hopefully posts will get more frequent but I am still around!)

Many wondered what happened to detective & part time TG/TF capper, Jeff Jeffries? After months of disappearance, he finally resurfaced but in his absense many had notice a new orange haired big tittied cock obsessed hentai slut all over the web that seemed to appear in various slutty dickgirl mangas, video's & random XXX pictures named Candy 'CUM-Tachi' Cummings? 

Was this Jeff Jeffries and/or who did this to him? What was there motives, was it to just turn him into a feminine slut, hentai him or a lil of everything just so they could get around at seeing him hentai-ed, bimbofied & fucked stupid?

One could only know, who knows it could of even been one of his followers or commenters or even fello cappers?

Monday, May 23, 2016

Screen Saved

Well I guess if you dont feel like looking for XXX hentai or reg imagery, just ask this djinn & he may give you the spell or just add you to the collection like me. :3 ~

This was fun to do since I maniped this image & modded it obviously! 

Monday, May 9, 2016

Someone's A-DICK-ted, Isnt She?

I cant DENY how I turn to mush around 'GIRLCOCK', especially after I've been transformed & feminized by the dickgirl thats swinging it! 

Natalie seems to have this affect, this time she seems to be a bit more playfully seductive or maybe she just needs to take a 'Load' off or three after my cock was takin' away?

I dont write seduction caps that often so when I seen these images, it just fit. This is more of a quick to the point cap with more visual appeal to go along with Natalies seductive narratives. >;3

Got more stuff to CUM, something involving Sean as well as some catch up caps involving my misadventures as the gender bent detective. Next one in that series will involve a request that was mentioned in a comment of the first set. ^^

~ Candy

Monday, May 2, 2016

An Accidental Dick Dazing Or Was It?

Been a minute since I posted anything so heres a lil something to add but am wondering if this was set-up by someone to backfire on me before my forced feminization/slutification pulled me into pink-dom, just so they could have there way with my new slutty feminine form?

Perhaps thats who was walking in at the end, calling out my name & maybe unaware or aware of my forced feminization/slutification? Who was it or what do they have planned for me, maybe it was one of you? <3

Thanks as always for the continued support, comments & suggestions. Decided to keep my stuff on blogger since it makes more sense. Thought about tumblr but will be leaving things 'as is'. ;9 ~

More to cum! <3

Ciao ~ Candy

Continued thoughts......of slutty escapades...

(Start vid at 5:40)

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Updates & Blah, Blah's.......


Nope I'm not dead nor' have I abandoned the blog but have been on vaca & extremely busy 'offline' but will be adding new content over the weekend as well as finishing up some stuff I've been meaning to post. :3 ~

Starting to wonder if I should keep everything on this blog or try a new hosting site for my stuff since ALOT of old TG/TF cappers I know are using twitter etc etc now instead of blogspot? 

Hmmmmmm, decisions decisions.....;3 ~

Monday, April 4, 2016

Our Lil' Secret

Some backstock & another cap I've been meaning to finish involving a much younger Co-Ed version of Natalie that soon finds my secret as well, dickgirls always seem to know when a femboy or androgynous trap is around though? <3

"Mmmmmmmmm, dont try too fight it Candy-trap! You know youve been wanting this, how could you not with such a sexy round femboy ass like this!"

"How about you let me get a better look, Candy?"

"Mmmmmm, feels good doesnt it bitch? So sexy, just listen to you whimper & wriggle against the finger I just buried deep within this plump girlish ass of yours. Somebody enjoys having her femboy ass played with doesnt she? Feels good hmmmm, well just you wait! Once this big girlcock of mine goes into this tight lil ass of yours, you'll be mine & aDICKted to it!"

Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Escort

Quickie 'one-shot' cap based on a coversation I had, hopefully updates will be more frequent if time allows it but lately it hasnt. ^^

Nonetheless, Enjoy...

~ Candy

Monday, March 7, 2016

The Misadventures Of Jeff Jeffreys (Gender Bent Detective)

Been a minute since I posted on here, 'real lifes' been keeping me busy but heres a cap intro to a 10 part or so series I'm gonna do that will revolve around my scenario's as detective Jeff Jeffreys & his mission to cure the crime ridden city of gender based incidents.

Gonna have a few key players as crime bosses in this but may add some insert fodder content so if your willing to take on a small role, leave your name you want used plus a description as well as what you wanna see done to me via the hands of you & I'll see what I can do, but cant promise anything.

Anyways, I love 'Mob' based stuff so adding it with TG/TF was just too easy, plus I added a 'later that evening' video with what happened to me in Natalies mansion later that night via the hands of her.

Anyways enjoy & comments, commentary, support & suggestions are always appreciated! <3

~ Ciao, Candy 

Later that evening with dickgirl Queen-pin Natalie Amore at her mansion:

"Mmmmmm, thats a good little slut! Crawl up to me & show me how good my slutification mist works with those new plump dicksucking lips Mr. or I mean Ms. Jeffreys!"

Monday, February 22, 2016

Candy Asks?

Comments, commentary & added suggestions is what like motivates me & stuff to continue to make plus post likezies new content on the blog.  So what humiliating misadventures should we see me like go onzies next? <3

~ Candy

Monday, February 15, 2016

Natalies Cartoony Payback

Looks like I sent Natalie to the Cartooniverse plus changed her into a blonde as well as myself but at what cost? <3

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Djinn Adult Entertainment (Animated)

"Welcome viewer to our newest site 'DJINN ADULT ENTERTAINMENT' that specializes in feminized male XXX & serves as a place for you well hung dickgirls, alpha males & dominate females that take pleasure in the thoughts as well as seeing the newly transformed sluts fucked senselessly.

We have many things up & CUMMING but our main forced plus tricked, gender bent bimbo is a former human male named Jeff or as we call her now, Candy Cumms.

Watch as Candy is hentai-ed, turned into standard porn fodder or even cartoonified as you can request in the options box on the left of the site screen.

This weeks feature is just snipets from what we like to call 'Candy Ahegao Adventures'. 

Watch as Candy plays not ONLY one heroine, but all of them in this piece of pure hentai sluttiness & sexy XXX. You'll get to see the former male play as blonde, dark haired big tittied whore & pink haired Candy in multiple roles of the hentai film.

But until then, heres some preview vids of the newly transformed hentai bimbo in her multiple roles."

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Digitally Bimbofied

Debts must be payed, sometimes in 'alternative' ways? Now how will you play me & whats going to happen next? :3 ~

Monday, February 1, 2016

Lucid Dreaming Or The Slutty Reality? (Video)

(Lucid dream or a new job as a slutty blonde pornstar named Candy Cumms for a XXX company/firm basing there starlets in the themes of male to female XXX & gearing there movies towards the Devious Dickgirls, Dominating Females & Alpha Males that love to fuck the newly transformed Nympho's?)

Jeffs dreams seemed all to real sometimes, thoughts & experiences involving many that varied amoungst different universes also had been realised.

Natalie, Sean & many others seemed to show the male what a bimbo he was after some tricked or forced magical devices & spells plus machines before  one evening, Jeff began to fall asleep after a long day.

Strange things began to flood his mind as  he thought about the time he was forced & tricked into one of the many 'transformation' clubs down in the redlight district before it seemed much more real. Real in the fact that he felt a heat from something hard & pulsating beginning to generate/brush against Jeffs new plump, glossy girlish lips that echoed a sweet yet slutty feminine giggle.

Thats when Jeff realised this was the most realistic dream, he had ever had or was it a dream? Maybe a reality?

Monday, January 18, 2016

Cartoonified (Interactive & ?)

Well heres another I've been curious about as far as what others think or if they enjoy seeing me cartoonified? Its obviously another I enjoy alongside the obvious list of others that  are posted, this kink though I know is a bit more obscure if thats even possible.

I guess I'm wondering if you enjoy cartoon feminization & perhaps as the image says, what you wanna see more of with me being cartoonified and/or what you might do to me after I've been cartooned?

Please go into detail since I enjoying seeing what people have to say & also it gives me fodder for future caps/stories.

~ Candy

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Misswished Wishes - Djinned

I guess I found out the term 'Go Fuck Yourself' can take on a whole new meaning? <3

Thanks again to all for the comments, suggestions & support plus I will be continuing to cap/upload new content on here when freetime allows it. :3 ~

Enjoy, Candy ~

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Blah. Blah. BLAH's! (Updates and.....)

Updates will be soon enough once I try to like figures out how to get out of this crazies & embarrasers hentai game & who stuck me in here? ;9

(On a side note, I've debated 'retiring' this blog & from cappin as a whole even if I've been apart of the TG/TF story/cappin' community for like 7 plus yrs. Not sure yet so chime in if you have an opinion etc etc.)

Sunday, January 3, 2016

The 2 Dimensional Domination

I guess theres alternative plus more sexier ways to find or create good reads & even better visuals? ;3

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