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Monday, February 15, 2016

Natalies Cartoony Payback

Looks like I sent Natalie to the Cartooniverse plus changed her into a blonde as well as myself but at what cost? <3


  1. "Silly dumb little bimbo...after the last time when you pulled me with you into the Hentai-verse I had some countermeasures put in place that should stop that sort of thing from ever happening again. One of which pulls you with me and copies whatever you tried to do to me on to you." Natalie cracks her whip intimidatingly as her she-cock grows back and stiffens. "You'll have to be smarter if you want to get the better of your Mistress, and I don't even think you're capable of that as Jeffrey."

    1. "Oh crappers!" YIPE!

      *I quickly jump as i feel the whip swat me hard on my jiggling cartoon ass before with a loud THUD, I slam hard on the ground as I land right next to a steamroller before I gulp in, noticing your cock stiffen bigger & bigger*

      "But......like......but.....Owies, my butts burnzies!"

    2. Natalie looks at the steamroller, then at Candy, then back to the steamroller. "I'll save that for later." She says to herself.

      Natalie then cracks her whip again wrapping it around Candy's leg and drags her across the floor to the wringer. She then picks Candy up, and with a spin, completely ties her up with the whip. Only Candy's pig-tailed head, shoulders, and her tits stick out, while the rest of her body is bundled. "This will be loads of fun!" Natalie says with a devious giggle, before lifting the bundle that is Candy with one hand and feeding her feet first into the wringer.

      Natalie turns the crank on the side and Candy's cartoon body is squished, pulled, and crushed flat as she gets squeezed between the rollers. Natalie then stops with Candy's tits and head still sticking out, her pig-tails hanging toward the ground while the rest of her body is flattened on the other side of the wringer.

      Natalie then pushes her now fully stiff girlcock into Candy's mouth and begins to rhythmically face fuck Candy to the beat of an unknown music source. Each thrust causes Natalie's balls to slap into Candy's upside-down face, and Natalie begins playing her exposed tits like a pair of bongos, adding to the music.

      (Got silly with this one! <3)

    3. (I adored it & found the silliness plus sexy to be very sexy, oh do let this continue for many more posts. <3)

      The new blonde pigtailed squealed in disbelief as her malleable body was squeezed inbetween the tight rollers of the cartoony wringer with a loud, humiliatingly rubbery *SQUISH* as the lower part of her body was pressed as flat as paper.

      "Wha.......I'm like flattening like a cartoon?" Candy squealed again but just as she spoke, she felt Natalies plump pink latex clad cartoony dominatrix bodys huge cock slam deep within her throat, seperating her plump pink lips in a perfect 'O' shape that resembled an inflatable dolls.


      Thats when the new pigtailed blonde toons huge 36 DD's began to bounce up & down as they made a loud *SPROING* sound with every drum slap from Natalies hard hand swats.

      All the half flattened toon Candy could do was gulp, slurp & pop the cock from her mouth as her mouth was facefucked deep & hard, while Natalie used her pigtails like a pair of handlebars only making her cock go even deeper.

      As Candy felt the dickgirls balls slapping on her face & chin, it rhythmically made her lower flattened half flop & sway as it occasionally rolled up & unrolled like a rug.

    4. With each thrust Natalie's tits bounce, more and more as she gets ready to blow her first load all over Candy's face and cartoon boobs. Finally, as the song reaches it's climax so does Natalie as she releases a massive gooey load of cum all over Candy. "Mmm...don't you just love that rhythm sweetie! It really gets me going!"

      Natalie then continued to crank the wringer sending the rest of Candy through the rollers, squishing her big tits and ditzy face through joining the rest of her flattened body.

      Natalie then grabbed a large paint roller and used the cum that was covering Candy as adhesive to plaster the flattened bimbo like a poster on the wall.

      "Now you stay right there and think about what you tried to do to your Mistress, while I go do something about this blonde hair and bimboish pink outfit you've got me wearing."

      Natalie walks over to a vanity mirror and grabs what looks like an eraser and dark purple colored pencil. As she looks at her reflection in the mirror, she uses the eraser, and with a few quick rubs her hair has turned white. She then takes the colored pencil and then as if brushing her hair with it she colors in her hair to be dark purple.

      (We can definitely keep this going for a while sweetness! <3)

    5. All the flattened blonde cum covered cartoon bimbo could do was occasionally blink a few times in shock & humiliation while her face formed a perfect pucker of confusion, her cheeks blushing in embarrasment as her paper thin body tried to peel away from the wall before with a sticky *SQUELCH*, it replastered to the wall like a common slutty looking pornstar sticker.

      "Oooooooohhhhhhhhh!" was all the bimbo poster could mutter out as the flattened bimbo stuck to the wall watched Natalie change her hair color & outfit to that of a black leather clad dominatrix with thigh high black stilleto boots that rode up her long legs high.

      Thats when a few drips of Cartoon Dominatrix Natalies cum oozed & dribbled to the ground off of the flattened sluts body with a comically cartoony yet sexy splattering *SPLOOSH*.

    6. Natalie took one more glance into the cartoon mirror her lips now a sultry red instead of the bimbo pink color they had been, as she gazed at her reflection it winked at her and blew her a kiss.

      Natalie stood up walked back towards Candy, with each step the heels of her boots clicked along the floor. She reached up and ripped the bimbo off the wall and began to shake here out to loosen up the flattened slut before tossing her in a heap on the ground. Next she stretched the blonde toon out like a canvas and began to draw slutty tattoos all over her body, being sure to draw ones with arrows showing the various places where cocks should go. While she was at it she also erased Candy's boobs and then re-drew them 4 cup sizes larger, as well as drawing her lips to be larger and more pouty. "There...You're a work of art bimbo!"

      Natalie then grabbed the nearby bike pump and shoved the nozzle into Candy's ass and began pumping.

      [Visual aid similar to Nat's transformation: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/20/11/e4/2011e45d8068b24927f26bb4b38874e9.jpg ]

    7. (Holy hell, that image is one I had planned for you in another cartoon cap so this is just....Wow, its an image I love! <3)

      The toon girl just blinked as she noticed her much larger chest jiggle before with a loud ssqueaky 'EEEEEEP', she felt the bike pump hose shoved into her flattened ass as the hissing of air began to echo within the cartoon dungeon.



      Thats when the flattened bimbo felt her legs then arms reinflate with a rubbery *POP*, one by one as the sounds of the dickgirl cartoon dominatrix slamming down hard on the plunger seemed to continue at a rapid pace as cartoon Candys eyes went wide in shock, the air going into her ass feeling like she was almost being buttfucked with each rush of air.

    8. Once Nat had re-inflated her, the pig-tailed bimbo would realize that she still couldn't move. As Candy laid on her back, Natalie tied each of the toony bimbo's limbs to cranks in the four corners of the room. "I'll bet you're wondering what's going to happen next sweetness? I can see that the cogs of your little bimbo brain are trying to figure it out. It'd be a STRETCH to say you'd work it out, but you can find out right now!"

      Natalie went over to a corner and began turning the crank. Candy's body started to get dragged toward that corner until the ropes tied to her other limbs became taught. When that happened her arm began to cartoonly stretch in the direction of her devious dominatrix. Nat repeated the process in the other corners of the room until each of the bimbo's limbs were stretched to around 4 times their normal length, and she was suspended about 3 feet off the ground in the center of the room.

      As Natalie strut back towards the middle of the room her hips and ass encased in the tight latex skirt swayed sensually with every confident step. Now standing over the suspended bimbo, Natalie took her riding crop and tapped it against Candy's cheek, with her other hand fondling the new G cup boobs the cartoon slut now had. "Mmm...these are quite nice. Now don't go anywhere bimbo!" Natalie said with laugh. "I'll just be a moment."

      Natalie placed her boot on Candy's stomach and pushed her down to the floor stretching her limbs even more, as she stepped over to the area of the room between the bimbos legs. Immediately after Natalie stepped down, Candy's body recoiled back up from the floor swinging up and down for a few moments before settling again 3 feet from the ground. Natalie went back over to the mirror and began to draw something on herself.

      (You know they say before any physical activity it's important to stretch...getting fucked by your mistress included! ;p <3)

    9. (*Gulps* Mmmmmmhhhhhm, yes please! <3)

      The cartooned bimbo squealed out as her taught yet stretched body bounced back with a loud comically cartoony *SPROING* as Natalies heel popped off her bound cartoon body.

      Candys eyes now had gone slightly crossed as her tongue lol'ed out of the side of her mouth before she noticed the cartoon dominatrix walking back over as her heels clicked like sharp nails on the cold tiles of the cartoon dungeon.

      "Oh my gawd, I stretched like a rubber band? Wha's going on, I was flattened & like inflated too?" the bound cartoon bimbo muttered under her breath in confusion & slight shock.

    10. Natalie turned around with her latex skirt pulled up to reveal she now had a double dick! Not only did she have 2 shafts on top of each other, but both were LARGER than her previous dick had been. Nat reached down and stroked both of her cocks, as she licked her lips looking over at her helpless rubbery bimbo. "This is going to be fun my lovely little toy."

      Natalie slowly walked toward Candy's completely vulnerable pussy, as she walked her two stiff dicks swayed back and forth with each step she took. "Would you look at that! There happens to be a bimbo slut conveniently suspended right in front of me." Natalie said with her typical devious grin.

      Then the mistress positioned both massive cocks to enter the bimbo's pussy and ass at the same time. Once in position she thrust them both deep inside Candy! Natalie's thrusting quickened as she fucked her toy with a wanton lust. With each large thrust Candy would be pushed away from Natalie only to be pulled quickly back onto the massive cocks by her rubbery state. Every time she moved back and forth her huge boobs would bounce all around.

      (Mmmm...It's like playing paddle ball with your rubbery body! ;p <3)

    11. (I was hoping that you were going to add that XXXtra addition to you, via your lil art talents. <3 Oh yush, quite bouncy)

      The stretched & bound cartoon bimbo just moaned uncontrolably as she felt both of those huge cocks slamming in plus out of her pussy & ass.

      *SPROING* "Unf!" *SPROING* "Ooof" *SPROING*

      Candys eyes now began to cartoonishly spin a bit in dizzying circles as her face took on a loopy knocked silly expression while she felt her body being tugged back & forth from the cartoon dickgirl dominatrix's thrusts that made her body move as it it was a big bimboish looking rubber band.

      *SPROING* "Ooooohhhh" *SPROING*

      With every thrust that Candy popped back, she squeed & moaned out as the two huge girlcocks left her pussy & ass before bouncing back onto them with a sloppy echoing *THOOMPHF* as she was continued to get dually stuffed by cartoon Natalies double cocks.

    12. After fucking the rubber bimbo for 20 minutes, Natalie's cocks finally reached their limit as she pulled out and unloaded 2 streams of cum at a time all over the stretched out Candy.

      Nat then walked over and hit a button which released all of the bimbo's limbs at once, causing them to slingshot toward her in the middle of the room. Candy dropped to the ground covered in what had to be 2 gallons of cum, with arms and legs still looking like noodles. "How did that feel bimbo? I'll bet you loved it, you little slut!" Natalie said looking at the blonde laying on the ground.

      As Nat walked past Candy's pathetic form she added, "Don't worry about your arms and legs, they'll turn back to normal eventually...Or at least they would If I weren't about to do this." By the time Natalie finished her sentence she was already climbing into the drivers seat of the steamroller.

      A moment later the engine of the steamroller roared to life and a nearly demented smile appeared across Natalie's face, as the steamroller moved forward toward Candy's helpless body lying on the ground.

      (I'll leave a little cliffhanger on this post. Partly because I'm writing this late and am tired. ;p <3)

    13. (<3)

      The new cartoon bimbo barely had enough time to get her senses together as her overstretched arms & legs bounced around slightly with rubbery *BOINGS* before Candy managed to reform her arms just in time to see not ONLY a huge shadow barreling towards her but what was making that shadow.

      "Oh my gawdzies, wha........Oh crappers!" Candy squealed out as she noticed the huge steamroller wheel whirling & rumbling towards her as her eyes went wide in complete shock.

      "Like waiters......!"

    14. Natalie just laughed at the pathetic cries from Candy who still hadn't finished reforming her legs. "What was that? I can't quite hear you over the engine!" Natalie yelled as she began to roll over the cum covered cartoon bimbo's body.

      As the giant wheel rolled over Candy it crushed her cartoon form, squishing and squeezing her until she was paper thin and flattened against the ground. After the she had rolled completely over the toony slut Natalie shut down the steamroller and stepped down. The sexy Mistress then walked over, and began to fold her flattened toy up until all that could be seen was her 2D face. Once folded up Natalie placed the little bimbo into her purse and walked toward the exit of the cartoon dungeon. When she was about to step through the door she looked down noticing her double dick, and wondered. {If I leave it like this will it be changed in the normal world?}


  2. Hot..... but now I can't stop thinking of Donkey Konga, lol

    1. Lol! I had never heard of that game until now. I'm definitely better looking then that ape! ;p

    2. By a mile Miss Natalie, I just remembered it cause I remembered playing a demo of it when I was a kid, the controller was a bongo so reading that post just brought back some nostalgia and made me laugh. *Sits with popcorn to watch how the rest of Djinn Entertainments Special Saturday Morning Bimbo Fuckslut hour, enjoying it immensely in more ways than one as she was curious what the music was besides the boobie bongos*

    3. Edit: after Hour there show be a "would go"

    4. *Nearly chokes on her popcorn laughing at the dumb bimbo getting plastered, flattened, and hung up on the wall like a poster, when the fits stopped she applauded the blond haired, soon purple-haired dom for putting the little toy in her place in such a hilarious fashion, the girl still snickering a little as she thought out loud* Hmmmm, wonder what's gonna happen next? *she continued the girlcock stroking that her laughing fit had interrupted as she imagined all the possibilities, keeping at least half of her attention on the screen though in case any new developments happened. (Sorry if you guys are trying to just have a you thing, just had to get my reaction in on this awesome RP, but didn't wanna be rude and ruin the flow of the other post section, if you want me to stop so you can focus soley on your thing then I will. ;) )

    5. (Oh your like fine & I'm sure enjoying my cartoony domination by Dominatrix Cartoon Nats as well as watching me get flattened cross eyed in such a humiliatingly cartoony way. Bet you have like a copy reserved to rewatch, pause & rewind all of my like humiliating cartoony scenario's like being molded, flattened loopily & used like a typical cartoon bimbo. <3 Feel free to continue to watch the cartoon show & chime in, its ONLY just getting started. Sometime I'm sure Mistress will let you help cartoon dominate me but I'm sure you wouldnt mind fucking & flattening me.<3)

    6. (OMG! Thank you so much for responding Candy, I'll definitely chime in if you guys are okay with it, I've just gotten used to RP where if two people are playing it's rude to join without asking so I wanted to make sure first, I'm definitely re-watching this a couple times once it's over, and I'd love to help Natalie straighten, or more FLATTEN, your bimbo ass out some, if she'd want <3)

    7. (I understand & def agree. No probs & I meant joining in a cartoony RP down the road since I do prefer to keep this specific RP with just me plus Natalie as far as the cartoony hyjinx hun & playing. I do like the chiming in posts from you say as you watch us on the sideline while enjoying the show, so do please continue with that since its funny to hear commentary. :3)

    8. (Kk hun, thx, and I figured on the joining bit, so do you want me chiming in from here or is the chiming in on the main block okay, I'm okay with either and won't be offended or anything if you want me here instead of there)

    9. (I think you misunderstood, I meant over here & not on the play hun, I was just enjoying your satire you were saying on here. )

    10. (kk, will keep it over here then hun, thx for letting me know!)

    11. *She gave a little smooch with all of the fingers of her non-stroking hand in a faux-artistic fashion as she pre started leaking out of the tip*
      Bella immagine di un giocattolo di cazzo! *She said in her cheeziest Italian accent before bursting into a giggle fit, it was getting almost impossible to stroke with how much it made her laugh!....... almost*

    12. *Started panting as her cock throbbed from the sexy show of the rubber bitch getting paddle fucked, laughing heartily at her humiliation between bouts of moaning as pre started leaking from her prick* Mmmmmmm, rubber and latex, my favorite, wonder how many paddles it'll take before she loses count and has to start over *she said deviously licking her lips at the thought of the gorgeous double dicked dom paddling the pretty pink pussy and pucker of the horribly whorish hussy et inifintum* (Alliteration is fun idn it?)

    13. *Gasps as she finally cums all over herself before purring happily* Wow that was nice *She said contentedly, assuming the show was about to wrap up she got up to walk over and eject the tape of the animation so she can watch it over and over again later*

  3. *Giggles, a little sad her T.V.'s DVR seemed to go on the fritz everytime she was watching a Djinn Entertainment show, so she had to wait until the taping was over to rewind and replay the inflation over and over, watching the cartoon bimbo plump back up to to full dimensions with a bike pump up her butt was just too hilarious* Man, I don't know if I could take it if someone did this to me, so embarrassing *She thought out loud as she let out a small moan, speeding her pace a bit*


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