(This is a 'Transformation' based blog for the posting of my personal works "XXX fictional caps" & my fantasies involving Gender Bending, M2F & Female to Futa/Dickgirl, Bimbo/Slut, Cartoonification/Flattening themes, Inanimate & Hentai TF's, that are usually forced/revenge themed.)

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Tales Of The Devious Roomate

First off thank you for the suggestions, comments, feedback & replys to that lil' interactive post I just did, enjoyed those. After thinking about it, decided to use a few ideas & will be doing a 5 part series roughly of single/multi-panel caps for this 'Tales Of The Devious Roomate' idea I wanna do.

Basically it will involve a bit of everything being done to me at the hands of my male roomie Sean, that enjoys & takes pleasure in using/turning males like me into feminine bimbo playtoys, digitally, inanimately & realistically (well in the human realm).

Been a while since I did anything involving flattening/TG themes, which are lacking as a whole when it comes to storys mixed with M2F transformation themes. JMD, Tsceri, Ashley (Purseboy) & Alimouse/Alice are a few TG/TF writers/cappers that do quality stuff for those interested in inanimate & flattening themes.

I do have tons of other stuff in the works involving dickgirl, hentai verse, bimbo & cartoonification plus inanimate TF themes down the road.

Enjoy, Candy

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Candys Fate (Interactive)

I've ONLY attempted this once before but think its a fun & interesting way to get my viewers to be interactive as far as adding there story ending to this cap via a reply in this thread. 

So let the games begin! ;3 ~

Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Misadventures Of Bimbo Candy, The Hentai Demonslayer

(You never know what might happen when visiting hentai websites, especially much more unknown underground ones. :3)

Things soon quickly changed as the unknown viewer clicked play on the screen, before the new hentai slut found herself held down as one Orc slid his huge cock between her plump tits while squeezing them firmly together as he began to fuck them aggressively.

The viewer just licked his lips as he watched the voluptuous pink haired bimbo, get ruthlessly groped & fucked. "Mmmmmmm, that Candys a true slut! I cant believe that she use to be a human male! Those demons are going to fuck her stupid!" the viewer grinned, watching as one Orc slid his huge cock into her pussy before another began to fuck her plump ass.

More & more, the demons continued to fuck her as the once human male moaned in embarrased, lust & humiliation before almost passing out from being fucked stupid.

The viewer could ONLY continue to grin as he watched Candy collapse to her knee's, her ass red as cum dribbled & dripped from her destroyed body.

Things ONLY continued on from there, as the play button clicked on & on, scene after scene of the once male getting pounded, groped & fucked senseless by the onslaught of demonic hordes.

Soon, the pink haired hentai bimbo found herself craving to be watched & humiliated as the dark voice from earlier echoed in her mind "Mmmmm, I knew you would be a wanton slut, even if you were once human & male." the voice laughed as *CLICK* after *CLICK* was tapped on the screen for more to see Hentai Hells newest genderbent fucktoy.

And so it continues......

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Wolves In Sexy Clothing

Man, this was the last thing I was expecting after that trip to the bar that one night! Really got knocked silly that night. 

So I wonder if those devious djinn's Sam & Sean were just doing this for only personal pleasure or because there scouts for future M2F pornstars? Both? :3 ~

Hmmmmm ~

Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Few Gifs (Animated)

Sadly, 'real lifes' not letting up so until I'm able to finish up some of the many, many caps I have half done, heres a few hentai gifs of many that I imagine myself being sucked into the 'hentai verse' & becoming these punished/humiliated H-heroines.

First one finds me sent into a hentai fighting themed DVD filled with dickgirls, dominatrix's & strong aplha's just ready to defeat, dominate then fuck me into submission.

One of many from Bible Black New Testament Ep 6, always love seeing Jody really fuck the other herm as I think about her being me, the one getting her pussy stuffed full of girlcock.

One day I find myself transformed into a buxom maid.

The rest are many of much more I see myself being sent into the h-verse as...

This specific gif always make me imagine myself as her, 'cartoonified' before eventually I find myself flattened, molded, inanimately transformed & inflated various ways by devious cartoon dickgirls hell bent on steamrolling & pancaking me flat alongside teaching me the true meaning of 'cartoon hyjinx'.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Remote Controlled (Bunny Backlash)

(Nope, not dead yet! Apologies on the lack updates or of anything period  on here, my 'real life' hasnt given me any freetime lately because of my job even if I do miss cappin' & got many things partially done. Heres to hopin' soon. :3)

I could ONLY look in shock & surprise as I felt myself sucked into the TV screen alongside of a sexy brunette that I had brought home from the bar that evening. Plans of using my Djinn Industries Magic Remote on her seemed all too perfect but with that lonely click of a button it had all immediately changed & failed miserably. 

Soon I found myself uncontrolably changing, transforming & morphing from my human male self & into this blonde bimbo-ish hentai bunny, but the brunette I had brought home now seemed to be growing as well, well under her tight mini-skirt that is.

Thats when things really got embarrasing as a slutty bunny outfit now hugged my voluptuous new female form as the title 'Bimbo Bunny Candy Hentai Bang Bang' scrolled across the TV Screen that I now looked outward from before I noticed my human male roomate walk in as he grinned from what he was now seeing on the TV screen.

"Mmmmmmm, Jeff's a pervert! Look at this dirty animation, oh man those girls walking in are really gonna fuck that slutty blonde bunnygirl senseless with those huge girlcocks of theres!" he grinned as he noticed the blonde hentai bunnygirl whores eyes go wide in shock & surprise as she was surrounded by multiple futa's.

 Jeffs roomie noticed a DVD case immediately appear on the floor near the TV as he picked it up & read the back of it. "Huh, includes transformations, inflation, bukkake, chikan, ahegao, dickgirls, tentacles & a scene with a special inanimate transformation part that includes the bunnygirl getting cartoonishly pressed flat before the loopy flattened hentai airheads soon molded into a latex onahole/soup can shape with needy, wanton  'puckered pouty lips' thats eventually stuffed, stretched & fucked relentlessly by a lusty well hung yet devious leather clad dickgirl dominatrix. Holy shit, this is some filthy stuff. Huh, but wheres Jeff?" 

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