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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Candys Fate (Interactive)

I've ONLY attempted this once before but think its a fun & interesting way to get my viewers to be interactive as far as adding there story ending to this cap via a reply in this thread. 

So let the games begin! ;3 ~


  1. I am greedy so option 4,
    the wet dick gurl sat roughly down on to Jeff's face , he had to swallow the sand in his mouth. a day a the sea side sounded like a nice break until he was flattened in to the gurls beach towel.

  2. 2 sounds awesome

  3. Hmmm Most Certainly 3. I would trapp her in my own little corner of the hentai verse for use as my own personal fuck toy. I would flatten her and pound her till the countless orgasams made her the cock hungry submissive pet I want her to be. Then I would whore her out to all the citizens of the hentai verse before making enough money/ accruing enough power to make my life here worth living with my sexy new Candy cat.

    1. Oh my, flatten me silly (how?) then pound me, sounds pretty humiliating & sexy! ^^

    2. Oh you know I'd use bimbosoft's Flattener. Have it digitally scan you and have the printing press flatten squish and print youinto my sexy as fuck 2D poster pet. I would only let you out to fuck you and bring you to the edge of ultimate pleasure before flattening you again. Over and over until you became my 2D and 3D kitty kst maid.

    3. Mmmmmm, I could ONLY imagine this before I'm caught off guard as a printing press roller presses, steamrolls & flattens me as paper thin as a pancake.

      Slowly, a finally pressed kitty bimbo Candy hentai poster with me stuck in a sexy pose yet shocked, teasing expression quickly squeezes out through a tightly clamped set of rollers with a loud *POP* as I flutter to the ground.

      Thats when I feel myself rolled up, before being hung on the wall. Then, Im turned 3D long enough to be turned into an anal bimbo before the daily flattening starts all over again & again..

      So sexy...Make sure to flatten me senseless, since I know I'll be pounded stupid.

    4. Oh Candy you know me so well! Of Course I will do the favor of flattening you senseless. You see on days like to day you might be unflattened and pounded 3, 4,5 maybe even 6 times. Can you just imagine?

      Well I can. I can imagine all the sexy poses you will show me.

      Then when I get bored of you and Ive broken both your ass and mind. I'm going to just let you sit there watching aching to be touched until we both can't wait and you will receive quite the pounding. Then you will be my butt slut kitten forever.

      Then I have two choices, pimp you out to all the dickgirls, Witches curious to have a dick. Horny sorority sisters who arn't what they seem and recovering Role exchanger victims who need some comfort.

      Or I use you as bait to capture more easily tempted men and use a combination of the Bimbotronic 3000, the magical remote and the Flattener to make more sexy wall scrolls, sex slaves and even a few Dakimakura.

  4. Definitely number 3, i'd get to work on her personality, making her a seductive and dominant creature of raw sexuality. Motivating the personality change by promising freedom if she can trick me into wanting to take her place, of course the promise is a lie and when she eventually gets me to join her and she learns the truth, her anger motivates her to really let loose and dedicate herself completely to breaking me so hard that my former self would regret ever trapping her.

  5. Number 3, please


  6. 1. We have had allot of 2 recently and I think 1 could use some love.

  7. 3, petgirl captions are the best, she should be sent to a petsotre, bought and humiliated. yum!

  8. I guess I'd have to go with 3, which would be a combination of 2 and 4. :3

  9. I'd choose number 3.
    I'd get you as my neko lover and fuck you senseless all night until we both pass out on the couch (or bed). I'd be yours and you'd be mine, and we would love each other. I'd love you to the moon and back. I'd fuck you anytime you wanted it, and we would start being equal parts in the relationship, but after a while, you'd become my sexy obedient neko sex slave. It's gonna be great, Candy. You'll love it, especially when you're my sexy, obedient. cock-hungry, sex slave. <3


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