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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Tales Of The Devious Roomate

First off thank you for the suggestions, comments, feedback & replys to that lil' interactive post I just did, enjoyed those. After thinking about it, decided to use a few ideas & will be doing a 5 part series roughly of single/multi-panel caps for this 'Tales Of The Devious Roomate' idea I wanna do.

Basically it will involve a bit of everything being done to me at the hands of my male roomie Sean, that enjoys & takes pleasure in using/turning males like me into feminine bimbo playtoys, digitally, inanimately & realistically (well in the human realm).

Been a while since I did anything involving flattening/TG themes, which are lacking as a whole when it comes to storys mixed with M2F transformation themes. JMD, Tsceri, Ashley (Purseboy) & Alimouse/Alice are a few TG/TF writers/cappers that do quality stuff for those interested in inanimate & flattening themes.

I do have tons of other stuff in the works involving dickgirl, hentai verse, bimbo & cartoonification plus inanimate TF themes down the road.

Enjoy, Candy


  1. Wow why thank you Candy. i know how much you and jeff love this and i'm happy to make you happy..... and horny.

    Realistically thank you so much for this and i can't wait to see what i have in store for you :)

    1. No probs, really got me thinking in that other post about you flattening me before pulling me back into the 3D realm ONLY to pound me stupid.

      Soon enough, as I'm right on the verge of an 'O' then I'm steamrolled flat again. Oh, theres going to be a barrage of fun stuff but until then, perhaps you could remind me what happens after a few *ZAPS* of the bimbtronic before you introduce me to the Bimbosoft Bimbo Flattener. <3

  2. Oh you don't remember/ Silly me. You see after alll the fun i brought you back to the 3d realm and zapped you a few times, really the first few where to give you best possible bimbo traits I could. Plush sexy lips, a wondrously fuckable bubblebutt and cumpulsion to suck and grind. Oh and making you submissive as well as ditzy.

    Now thats a lot to take in so as you begged for some cock in the most adorable pet like way i decided i might as well make her addicted to cum. So there's a *Zap* and I needed you to crave it on your skin and in side your ass *Zap Zap Zap* And then I added one last cumpulsion that you couldn't achieve orgasm without my consent, just to further melt that pretty bubblegum brain you had and cement you as a sweet piece of Candy forever,

    1. Mmmmm, well your gonna enjoy the next 'Tales of a Devious' I have partially done. :3 ~

      "Oh my, well like I hope I'm not sent back into the bimbosoft flattener & junk after my anal training. Please, anything but that!"

  3. Well my sweet little piece of arm Candy who knows what I have in store for you. Don't worry your little head and just keep backing DAT ass up you Ditzy Slut!


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