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Monday, July 27, 2015

Tales Of The Devious Roomate: A Witchy Weekend

(More on the way, seems a reversed backlash happened because of the neighbor? Wonder whats gonna happen next?)

Sean (the devious roomie)  speaks: 

"Sorry but Jeff or erm, I man Candy has her mouth full at the moment so she cant speak but I think more punishments plus humiliations are in order so what should I do to Candy next?"

1) Keep her as a bimbo, continuing to pound her senseless.

2) Send her through the bimbo flattener, flattening, pressing, pancaking & steamrolling her loopily into a paper thin human or cartoon bimbo collectable to taunt & tease.

3) Hentai her 2 dimensionally & make myself some slutty hentai movies or doujins to enjoy.

4) All of the above & then some, eventually knocking her loopy from the multitude of humiliating & embarrasing transformations? 

Later that weekend, Candys poundzies, stuffzies & stupidly hard bouncies continued on & on by Sean as she was continually fucked senseless plus even more brainlessly ditzy.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Curiously Neighborly Neighbor

(Nope not dead, nor is this blog & I have a cap started for Dex plus Natalie as well as a devious roomie cap in the works featuring Sean. Stay tuned for updates, hoping to have a couple of these done this weekend but until then it looks like Sean & myself got a new neighbor that might wanna watch himself. Sean might get wise to whats going on & *poof*, there might be 2 girls instead of one on one of these adventurous evenings. :3)

It had only been a week since I moved next door to a couple guys named Sean & Jeff, both guys seemed to be friendly but I knew something was going on when I occasionally caught Sean heading into his apartment with various blonde bimboish looking girls.

Thats when things seemed to get the better of my curiosity before I invited Jeff over for a few drinks one evening. Something told me that those girls were Jeff after he was feminized by Sean, but I knew since I had a fetish for turning or transforming guys into slutty females ever since my first time going to a 'transformation' themed club.

After a few pink pills in one of Jeffs beers, I knew this wasnt the first time he had been transformed into a blonde slut. Just the way, this new blonde sucked my cock told me that I would be inviting Jeff over many more times so I could use my neighbor in various ways like the perfect transformation toy Jeff seemed to be.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Paying Or Stripping The Debt (animated)

(Happy 4th to those who celebrate it & I'll start working on those ideas ASAP, thanks to all for the continued support, idea's plus feedback! Candy ~ )

Watch what happens when Jeff sends himself into the hentai-verse, this time on his own free will to a club filled with sexy, voluptuous women. Little does Jeff know that he's in a dickgirl nightclub or what these girls have hidden but soon finds out after he rings up a high bar tab before Jeff then learns how he or rather now she's gonna work off that debt.

What will happen to Candy, after hours, only time will tell? 

Watch Jeff in another transformed role as hentai bimbo, Candy Cumms in 'Paying Or Stripping The Debt' out now from 'Human Male 2 Hentai Female XXX Productions' in association with 'Bimboified Male Hentai XXX' & 'Well Hung Hentai Honeys'.

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