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Monday, July 27, 2015

Tales Of The Devious Roomate: A Witchy Weekend

(More on the way, seems a reversed backlash happened because of the neighbor? Wonder whats gonna happen next?)

Sean (the devious roomie)  speaks: 

"Sorry but Jeff or erm, I man Candy has her mouth full at the moment so she cant speak but I think more punishments plus humiliations are in order so what should I do to Candy next?"

1) Keep her as a bimbo, continuing to pound her senseless.

2) Send her through the bimbo flattener, flattening, pressing, pancaking & steamrolling her loopily into a paper thin human or cartoon bimbo collectable to taunt & tease.

3) Hentai her 2 dimensionally & make myself some slutty hentai movies or doujins to enjoy.

4) All of the above & then some, eventually knocking her loopy from the multitude of humiliating & embarrasing transformations? 

Later that weekend, Candys poundzies, stuffzies & stupidly hard bouncies continued on & on by Sean as she was continually fucked senseless plus even more brainlessly ditzy.


  1. That is a great start, to Jeff's punishment. I hope those two witchy Dickgirls had as much fun as Candy did. If so they might want to help in getting my revenge.

    Though I'm going to put Candy through the gauntlet. After some phone calls, Craigslist postings and some Inquires Candy's life will be one Fucking after another. First thing after a quick fuck is to use the remote to make some specific adjustments, a quick flatten and upload her to the Hentaiverse for starters.

    Anyway I loved both your caps, this one was perfect as usual. Thank you so much for letting me guest star.

    1. You really banged me senseless, especially when I was a Candy sandwich & on that chair near the end.

      I gotta a feeling they'll be stopping by again in the near future to help you, humiliate me. :3 ~ Perhaps, they'll be in the hentai DVD you turn me into as a pair of well hung dominates of 'Dickgirl High' in which I get fucked senselessly?

      Or perhaps you cartoonify me, sending me into the cartooniverse as a brainless blonde cartoon version of myself ONLY to be relentlessly flattened & steamrolled by devious cartoon dickgirls?

      I know the bimbo flatteners staying in the apartment, how else would you squeeze me flat into the perfect wall hanging?

      Thanks, your easy to cap & fit perfect as the devious dominant in my caps involving me so expect more cameo's down the road at random. :3

  2. I really enjoyed this! You're lucky to have a roommate like Sean to treat you right, and by that I mean turning you into Candy and fucking you silly! ;p

    It also didn't hurt to have those other bimbos around to guide you, and help make the Candy sandwich! Oooo, I'll have to remember that one!

    (On another note, I was considering making an account to use on Blogger, but I don't really want to set it up with my phone number, know any way to not have to do that? I tried making a Wordpress to use, but it doesn't seem that commenting works with other accounts.) :(

    Also, Sean should obviously do "All of the above & then some..."

    1. Haha,

      Thanks! Seems a Candy sandwich is filling or getting filled!

      Wordpress is no good for the type of stuff I guess your talking about starting, I still prefer 'blogger' over tumblr as well as the others. Great multi-function spot for posting as well as multi-media & commentary.

      Guess I'm just old school? :3

      I'm pretty sure you can still get around posting a phone #, I refuse to do that on here & have yet to. Check the options, when starting it out & just push it to the side when they ask about it as a security extra.

      Hope that helps, so are you gonna start capping or writing or?

    2. I've considered capping in the past. I do have ideas, but I feel like I wouldn't find time to post often. Also, and this may be dumb, but I fear that if I were to start capping it would up the chances of this part of me being found out. 8/

      This is not to say I'm not considering getting into capping. I live with roommates who occasionally have reason to use my computer and Photoshop so any caps I make would have to be uploaded and deleted or well hidden.

      I actually had a Blogger that I used to use to comment on TF blogs, but I've forgotten the login info for it and for the email I set it up with. I mainly just want to be able to comment, have an avatar, and possibly post caps. I've been a lurker for years, I'm trying to get more involved. ;)

  3. Hentai her so all the dick girls in the hentai verse can have fun too if this is a voting thing.

  4. Visit sometimes my side you will love them!!!!

    A big fan from youre side

    1. Thanks, glad your enjoying my TG/TF corner of the interwebs & I'll make sure to give that link a look.

  5. So I did manage to make a Blogger account, who knows what will come next! ;)

    1. Cool, we will see I guess. :3 ~ Just curious, would you ever wanna guest star in a cartoon based TF cap with me as a cartoon futa?

      It would be sexy as always but involve cartoon slapstick as well, like say with your new cartoon form flattening me etc etc...Guess its not much different from whats about to happen when I become your 2 dimensional bimboish wall hanging.

    2. Sexy cartoon slapdick! ...I mean stickyslap...er slapstick!! ;p Sounds like fun! You can count this futagirl in wherever you need me!

  6. Oh jeez the wait is killing me. I know you are busy but I hope we see you again soon.

    1. Thanks & yea, I'm hoping this weekend. Anything in particular your hoping to see cap-wise?

    2. I'm a big fan of the live action bimbo and the animeish style ones. I just like seeing you update though.

  7. I love your blog! Congrats!
    What is the name of the actress on the video???



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