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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Natalie, Candy & The Cartooniverse

Well, well, well it seems a new devious yet dominant dickgirl made her way into my Candy-verse that will play random roles in some caps I pop out or situations I may find myself forcefully sent in. Natalie Amore seems to already be enjoying her manipulation of the rifts between human & otherwordly realms/universes.

This might prove to be interesting, sexy & humiliating for me, depending on what she has planned?

I think shes alreading adapting to her new cartoon futa form & what she can do to me in the cartooniverse. I ONLY wonder what she has planned for my blonde cartoon form & what lies in wait down the road in the hentai & human realms as well.

We will see, wont we? :3 ~


  1. Mmm...so many fun options, a Candy Bimbo Blowup Balloon Doll sounds quite sexy, and since it'd the cartooniverse I can inflate you with my cock! LOL! Hooray for cartoon physics! ;p

    I'm super excited to be POPping into your worlds! :D

    1. *Gulps*

      "Oh my, that cock sounds like its got the power of a high pressed air hose! I can ONLY imagine after I'm inflated like a balloon, whats about to cartoonily happen next?" ;9 ~

      POPping you say. *Eeeeeps* ;3

    2. I'm simply BURSTing with anticipation for the next cap! ;0



      PUMP, PUMP, PUMP! ;3

    4. LOL! So that was you flying around the room as you deflated? ;p

      Hehe...*hump, hump, hump*...I mean...*pump, pump, pump* Hump-Pumping! 8====D≈

      This whole scenario is hilariously sexy Candy! ;D

    5. "Oh my gawd, that was so embarrasing when I *ZOOMED* around the room like a proper deflating bimbo balloon right after you fucked & inflated me spherical with that huge girlcock of yours. Things got even more embarrasing when you positioned that huge electric laundry wringer right in my path before with a loud *SQUISH*, I was flattened dizzily, blinking & cross eyed through the tight rollers as I squeezed out of them, looking like a freshly pressed bimbo shirt as I folded in on myself before cartoonish stars circled my head."

      Haha, glad ya enjoyed it Miss Well Hung. I could see a sexy 30 minuted hentai based cartoon going something like this: 'Human Male To Cartoon Dingbat XXX in association with 'Femdom Cartoon Futa's' is proud to present Jeff in another cartoon role as that girlcock loving toon ditz, Candy. Watch as Candy tries to find her way out of the cartooniverse before our newest devious well hung toon dickgirl Natalie Amore notices a new toon toy to play with, bang & teach our blonde toon bimbo Candy what the term 'cartoon hyjinx' truly means. Will our once male ever escape or be put through the wringer by Natalie, literally! Out soon in association with 'Blondes Get Steamrolled Flat'.

      (I got another plus a few others you'll be in as well, one being heavily hentaiverse based with you & your well hung cronies teaching me what happens to newly transformed hentai bimbo's when there the ONLY one without a cock. It turns you & your well hung gang on even more when you realise I was once a human male. <3)

    6. "Oooo a new shirt with a sexy blonde bimbo on it! I've been wanting a new one of those!" *pulls shirt on as it stretches over my ample tits*

      I've heard those are some great hentai studios...hehehe ;p

      I find it's good to share with my cronies every once in a while. It keeps them loyal! Plus, 'activities' can be quite fun in groups. ;p

  2. Oooh a Candy Bimbo Blowup Blowjob Ballon Doll does sound quite sexy and the purrrfect punishment for little oll' Jeff here.

    1. Why do I get the feeling this might be forth coming for me, probably with a catgirl Candy-chan theme.

      Gender Bent, rubberized, then flattened before a hefty air inflation *FAWOOOSH* with me blowing up/becoming a hentai kittygirl inflatable balloon toy for you one evening?

      I'm sure you have an air pump hiding somewhere in the apartment? :3


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