(This is a 'Transformation' based blog for the posting of my personal works "XXX fictional caps" & my fantasies involving Gender Bending, M2F & Female to Futa/Dickgirl, Bimbo/Slut, Cartoonification/Flattening themes, Inanimate & Hentai TF's, that are usually forced/revenge themed.)

Friday, September 30, 2011

A Wifes New Toy

Another very old cap, I def can see where my mistakes where in looking over some of these first made caps but thats how you progress.

Still liked this one though.

Thinking Loudly

Girls Will Be Boys & Boys Will Be Sluts

Another very old cap I made for Ella over on the "extreme captioning afficionado" blog..

Many new caps are in the make so expect ALOT more new stuff as well as some classic caps, comments are always appreciated. ;3 ~

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Adventures of Mark & His Magical Cock

A short series I made for A Nony Moose (Kayla) that I posted over on Rachel's Haven a while back involving Mistress Simones male Sona Mark plus Kayla & Candy/Me..

Sometimes you really should watch who you keep close to you, even if its far too late..

This is based off the whole "Magical/Enchanted Penis" theme that I've caught a couple times in storys, but was more inspired by "A Nony Moose's Enchanted Penis Caps/Storys"  which I love & have been involved in a few of those tales as well.

Please go check them out...


Another very old cap I made & posted back on TF-Media when it (R.I.P. 2011) was still a name, took on a lil more darker theme for this one..

I'll have to start wrapping text again, since its a nice affect. 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Underlying Intentions 2

Sometimes you dont realise your friends true intentions until its far too late, whether its good or bad. ;9 ~

Another bimbo quickie I just popped out with friend A Nony Moose once again guest staring & transforming me into what he truly desired, well perhaps slightly..*giggles*

I may do a few more of these "Underlying Intentions" caps that keep close to the first 2..

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Haven Quarterly Vol. 2 (out soon)

Recently I was asked if I was interested in donating a couple of my caps to the 2nd Vol. of the Haven Quarterly which I was more then happy to add to since Rachels Haven is a great lil' site I've been apart of for over 2 years now..

This is a cover teaser created by Shysteffie over on Rachels Haven of the newest soon to be available e-zine that will include 2 exclusive caps from me as well as many others...

So to all & any, please go donate towards a copy of the Haven Quarterly Vol. 2 to see many other great caps by various other cappers like Smitty, Caitlyn-Masked, A Nony Moose & many many more..

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Wake Up Call

Another older cap I did for Keahi/Vicki involving the perspective moreso to be focused on the girl transforming into a futa/dickgirl even if I'm about to find out that the chemical affects males as well.

I got something planned for a series that involves some naughty dickgirl TF & M2F as well, until then have a good weekend deviants. :3

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Results Guaranteed (Bimbo-U)

Something I whipped up real quick involving an idea I've had for a long time now about doing a series called "Bimbo-U" which would basically follow the exploits of a group of males being transformed against there will into complete female bubbleheads..

I've got a string of ideas for different series but may start doing this one & include a few of you in it if anyone wanted a cameo or guest spot.

I wont guarantee anything ATM but if your interested, just post your char names in this thread with an idea of what your female side would look like.

I already have a few fello cappers I'm adding in if this gets off the ground, so drop a comment about your opinions, ideas or interests..

Yours truly will be in this as well as a main front runner/char..

Turning the Tables (Matts Mistake)

Another older one I made involving myself & another capper over on the haven, enjoy. ^^

Now to find one of these camera's...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Taking & Giving

A lil something I whipped up real quick for a fello capper over on Rachels Haven.

I'll be posting more updates & cappys with REAL LIFE imagery next, since I enjoy a lil mix of both.

Comments are always appreciated. :3

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nice Try, But I Don't Think So!

For a while, myself & Lydia over on Rachels Haven had a hentai battle going on & in this cap I made for her was a lil' backfired scenario of both of us being sent in the hentai realm as human males transformed into hentai dickgirls but with me becoming her futa whore..

These scenario's happen to me occasionally more then I like to admit as far as failed revenge..

Art once again by the great Kamitora/Paper Tiger.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Becoming Your Own Experiment

Something I made for Mistress Simone of her blonde submissive sona "Chloe" over on the Haven a while back, enjoy.

Sometimes greed gets the better of us & the ends results arent always what they seem. >:3


Another Victim of the Hentai Verse

And the alternate dimension portal trappings continues, but I think some would'nt object to this forced fate.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Another Add Campaign

Another older cap I made for someone over on the Haven, I think more people would eat breakfast with a box of these on there tables. ;9 ~

A Tighter Fit!

The sister better watch it or her "new lil' sister" might be stealing away her boyfriend next....

Monday, September 12, 2011

Underlying Intentions

Been a while since I made a lil sumpin for fello capper & friend, Kayla ( anonymoosetgcaptions ) & love pin up style stuff plus Djinn themes so I made this quickie.

Usually as most know, I do XXX captions but expect more subtle pin up stuff at random too, anyways enjoy & comments/replies are always appreciated. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Day at the Pool

A very quickly made older cap I did for that mischevious stealer of manhoods, Vicki Sanctuse...

Unforgetable Shower

Another of many older caps I've done, this one for Bren over on Rachels Haven. :3

Friday, September 9, 2011


This was actually one of the first caps I made many years ago as far as TG captions, but still enjoy reading it every now & then...Not the best layout or story but its a nostalgia thing for me, anyways comments are always appreciated & welcomed. ^^


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Always Read Between the Lines (Bimbo Bikini Beach)

Some are just too quick to sign away or read the fine print, now Ian's gonna get a personal tour.

I'll be doing "Bimbo Bikini Beach" quickie caps at random so expect more involving some Havenettes, Candy & perhaps a lucky few of you watchers upon request or at my whims. :3

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Shower

(Short story I just freestyled, I have a thing for shower scenes & thought this was needed with these images, so sexy!)

It had been a day like any other day as I made my way into the shower before I slowly removed my pants one leg at a time. It was a Friday, my week had just ended & my vacation now was beginning but as I turned the crank of that silver shower nozzle, I could'nt help but wonder about the strange bar of soap I bought that one weekend me & my girlfriend spent in Tibet?

Removing my last article of clothing, I made my way through the steamy wofts of shower air as the warm beads of water began to caress my masculine skin one inch at a time.

That water felt so relaxing as I stood there just enjoyin the subtleness of the massaging spray from the jets of the shower head before I picked up the bar of soap that still striked my curiousity, I mean so what if that shamen mentioned its theraputic powers & medicinal purposes.

Slowly I began to lather myself as the soap suds careened from the coconut smelling bar of soap before I felt a strange, almost sensual tingling as I continued to cover my upper body in thick soapy bubbles, unable to stop. This must've been the strong medicinal purposes Shamen Tokibara had mentioned to Jeff & his girlfriend? Strangely, I could'nt stop as the tingles only seemed to heighten with every minute I rubbed the bar against now what seemed to be my more smooth skin..

Slowly I looked down, noticing my cock seemed smaller and my hips seemed to have a much more curvy shape, feeling myself unable to stop lathering myself with the soap before I noticed that the bar was still just as big as if it were never used?

Gasping, I still felt my body acting on its own accord as I know knew that the soap was changing my body to become much more feminine as small mounds of perky flesh floomed & swelled from my once flat & slightly hairy masculine chest before all visable body hair began to retract back into my body.

I shivered as I now felt my ass swell & fill with fat as it took on a more full round fuckable shape as the changes continued to my amazement.

Unable to resist these new urges & my curiosity, I continued to lather myself more & more as my body continued to shape & change with every bubble before I felt myself shrink from a stout 6'3 down to a petite & taute lil' 5'1 feet tall as I bit my lip in shock, continued curiosity & heightened arousal that had now started to affect my better logic, but it felt so good.

Within 10 minutes of the soaps affects, I had almost noticed what had been my full transformation into a sexy college co-ed before all that remained other then my male mind was a stiffened 7 inch cock attached to my newly developed feminine form. My mind raced at the site of myself in the mirror across from that steaming shower, a reflection of what I had now become at the few lathers of one bar of obviously possessed or magical soap.

My body burned as my cock that was all that remained of my masculine appearance leaked cum all over the shower wall before in a fit of lust, I reached down and began to stroke the head as I squealed out in shamelessly loud aroused yet reckless abandon of my newly controlled pleasures.

This body was amazing, every sensation seemed heightened one thousand fold as my right hand curled around my cock and slowly began to stroke, before my wet & cum lubricated palm began to move faster.

Slowly I could feel it disappearing with every downward movement of my hand, which made me fear yet welcome what was about to happen next as I felt a rising build within my newly found feminine body before a thin stream of cum shot against the shower wall.

Unable to stop myself, I felt my cock now beginning to form my newly transformed clit as a wet tight slit opened up beneath my testicles as they were pulled up inside to form what had become my insides..

In one fit of uncontrolable lust, I cried out in a loud yelping feminine groan as a long thick stream of cum splashed against the shower wall before I heard a small "POP" as my cock disappeared into my body.

Laying there against the shower wall, I shivered as my newly transformed plump lil heart shaped ass stuck out before I heard the front door slam shut.

"Jeff, I'm home." I heard echo throughout the small apartment. Looks like my girlfriends going to get that girl/girl fantasy shes truly desired afterall. ~

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Feudal Takeover

A lil series I just popped out involving Candy/Me, Rauk22 & Simone with a lil Bimbo/Slut TF thrown in & a dash of Candy...

Sometimes things just dont go according to plan even if I thought that transforming myself into a sexy blonde would get me the riches but then again at Femtech, thats how bimbo's are forcefully made..

Monday, September 5, 2011

Properly Welcomed or Broken In?

Sometimes playing with portals can be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it, Adam or Evie here is about to learn the HARD & stiff way of what the term "HENTAI" truly means.

Lil quickie I just popped out for that sexy blonde bitch Evie...

Just Deal With It!

Sometimes the battles long over even before its begun & a happy "Labor Day" to all that live in the states, feels good to get a day off of work plus a lil freetime finally. :3

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