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Friday, September 2, 2011

Ella's Bitch

Between Ella ( Extreme Captioning Afficionado ) loving being a "Big Girl" & me being a bit of a size queen, I had to cap this obvious "shooped" image a while back as a gift for her after a lil RP we did one night..

I just cant get her to explain what the dragon tattoo means on her stiff cock, maybe the "dragon stomach punch" ? :9

Anyways, every now & then I'll do/cap up "Hyper Endowed" images so hopefully a few of you enjoy.

I enjoy comments so dont be shy, PLEASE COMMENT & the more you comment, just means you'll eventually be guest starred in a cap since I have plans for a few new stories coming up once I get caught up with a lil cappin' backlog & posting of my stuff in my folders..


  1. OOH OOH Can I please be her human cock sleeve soo hot and sexy a great caption I love it I love it!!!!!!!



  2. I know that I like what I see. If Ella gets bored with Jeff, she can feel free to look me up.

  3. @Chaosbeast

    Who doesnt love a thick stiffened girlcock...


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