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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Shower

(Short story I just freestyled, I have a thing for shower scenes & thought this was needed with these images, so sexy!)

It had been a day like any other day as I made my way into the shower before I slowly removed my pants one leg at a time. It was a Friday, my week had just ended & my vacation now was beginning but as I turned the crank of that silver shower nozzle, I could'nt help but wonder about the strange bar of soap I bought that one weekend me & my girlfriend spent in Tibet?

Removing my last article of clothing, I made my way through the steamy wofts of shower air as the warm beads of water began to caress my masculine skin one inch at a time.

That water felt so relaxing as I stood there just enjoyin the subtleness of the massaging spray from the jets of the shower head before I picked up the bar of soap that still striked my curiousity, I mean so what if that shamen mentioned its theraputic powers & medicinal purposes.

Slowly I began to lather myself as the soap suds careened from the coconut smelling bar of soap before I felt a strange, almost sensual tingling as I continued to cover my upper body in thick soapy bubbles, unable to stop. This must've been the strong medicinal purposes Shamen Tokibara had mentioned to Jeff & his girlfriend? Strangely, I could'nt stop as the tingles only seemed to heighten with every minute I rubbed the bar against now what seemed to be my more smooth skin..

Slowly I looked down, noticing my cock seemed smaller and my hips seemed to have a much more curvy shape, feeling myself unable to stop lathering myself with the soap before I noticed that the bar was still just as big as if it were never used?

Gasping, I still felt my body acting on its own accord as I know knew that the soap was changing my body to become much more feminine as small mounds of perky flesh floomed & swelled from my once flat & slightly hairy masculine chest before all visable body hair began to retract back into my body.

I shivered as I now felt my ass swell & fill with fat as it took on a more full round fuckable shape as the changes continued to my amazement.

Unable to resist these new urges & my curiosity, I continued to lather myself more & more as my body continued to shape & change with every bubble before I felt myself shrink from a stout 6'3 down to a petite & taute lil' 5'1 feet tall as I bit my lip in shock, continued curiosity & heightened arousal that had now started to affect my better logic, but it felt so good.

Within 10 minutes of the soaps affects, I had almost noticed what had been my full transformation into a sexy college co-ed before all that remained other then my male mind was a stiffened 7 inch cock attached to my newly developed feminine form. My mind raced at the site of myself in the mirror across from that steaming shower, a reflection of what I had now become at the few lathers of one bar of obviously possessed or magical soap.

My body burned as my cock that was all that remained of my masculine appearance leaked cum all over the shower wall before in a fit of lust, I reached down and began to stroke the head as I squealed out in shamelessly loud aroused yet reckless abandon of my newly controlled pleasures.

This body was amazing, every sensation seemed heightened one thousand fold as my right hand curled around my cock and slowly began to stroke, before my wet & cum lubricated palm began to move faster.

Slowly I could feel it disappearing with every downward movement of my hand, which made me fear yet welcome what was about to happen next as I felt a rising build within my newly found feminine body before a thin stream of cum shot against the shower wall.

Unable to stop myself, I felt my cock now beginning to form my newly transformed clit as a wet tight slit opened up beneath my testicles as they were pulled up inside to form what had become my insides..

In one fit of uncontrolable lust, I cried out in a loud yelping feminine groan as a long thick stream of cum splashed against the shower wall before I heard a small "POP" as my cock disappeared into my body.

Laying there against the shower wall, I shivered as my newly transformed plump lil heart shaped ass stuck out before I heard the front door slam shut.

"Jeff, I'm home." I heard echo throughout the small apartment. Looks like my girlfriends going to get that girl/girl fantasy shes truly desired afterall. ~


  1. Awesome story. Best part was the ejaculation, that unnecessary sperm has to go somewhere.

  2. FYI the second last image is missing.

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