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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Results Guaranteed (Bimbo-U)

Something I whipped up real quick involving an idea I've had for a long time now about doing a series called "Bimbo-U" which would basically follow the exploits of a group of males being transformed against there will into complete female bubbleheads..

I've got a string of ideas for different series but may start doing this one & include a few of you in it if anyone wanted a cameo or guest spot.

I wont guarantee anything ATM but if your interested, just post your char names in this thread with an idea of what your female side would look like.

I already have a few fello cappers I'm adding in if this gets off the ground, so drop a comment about your opinions, ideas or interests..

Yours truly will be in this as well as a main front runner/char..


  1. Hmmm. Do they have a deal going with that beach you mentioned a while back?

  2. Jim L@

    Nah, thats something completely different but I guess it could be linked in with "Bimbo-U" since there both similiar as far as the forced fem & bimboization...

  3. I really like this idea. You can have the somewhat serious and detached tone of the marketing department as well as a wide range of experiences of various clients and "victims." So estially you can write a caption with any tone you want all fitting into the same overarching storyline. Looks like you've got the makings of a great idea on your hands.

  4. Rauk@

    Thanks, I may have to shoot you a note over on RH or email to see if your up for some collabin' sometime soon since I have a few ideas..

  5. I'm sure I could find a little time in my schedule for a new project.

  6. I'd love to have Bimbo-U as my alma mater.

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