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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Curiously Neighborly Neighbor

(Nope not dead, nor is this blog & I have a cap started for Dex plus Natalie as well as a devious roomie cap in the works featuring Sean. Stay tuned for updates, hoping to have a couple of these done this weekend but until then it looks like Sean & myself got a new neighbor that might wanna watch himself. Sean might get wise to whats going on & *poof*, there might be 2 girls instead of one on one of these adventurous evenings. :3)

It had only been a week since I moved next door to a couple guys named Sean & Jeff, both guys seemed to be friendly but I knew something was going on when I occasionally caught Sean heading into his apartment with various blonde bimboish looking girls.

Thats when things seemed to get the better of my curiosity before I invited Jeff over for a few drinks one evening. Something told me that those girls were Jeff after he was feminized by Sean, but I knew since I had a fetish for turning or transforming guys into slutty females ever since my first time going to a 'transformation' themed club.

After a few pink pills in one of Jeffs beers, I knew this wasnt the first time he had been transformed into a blonde slut. Just the way, this new blonde sucked my cock told me that I would be inviting Jeff over many more times so I could use my neighbor in various ways like the perfect transformation toy Jeff seemed to be.



  1. Was getting worried. Looking forward to new stuff, soon hopefully.

    1. Nah, no need to worry. I just work ALOT of hours but have stuff in the works, hopefully this weekend. :3

  2. I'm glad to see you're back Candy! I'd have been upset if you'd wandered off. ;)

    1. Thanks! Just busy 'offline' but got a few things with you in them, always love adding in dominate dickgirls that enjoy breaking me in, transforming & feminizing me properly.

      Ut oh's, well if your upset then I guess punishments are coming my way, I just wonder what you might have in store for lil ole me? :3

    2. I understand, 'offline' life is important, and can take a lot of time.

      I'm pleased to become your Dickgirl Mistress, and I will adore breaking you in and forming you into the perfect bimbo. Afterall I rose to the top of my organization and deserve the best bimbo slave! ;p

      As for punishment for your time away...I'll go easy and just tie you up bent over and practice my ping pong swing on your naked ass, one swing for each day you've been away! ;p

  3. Does this video work in mobile?

  4. Well Well Well I was wondering Where Jeff was going off to. I knew he wasn't working extra hours. Soon enough I will have to invite our neighbor over before Jeff gets home. and give him a taste of his own medicine.

    I bet he is like jeff and prefers to be a girl instead of a guy.


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