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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Wolves In Sexy Clothing

Man, this was the last thing I was expecting after that trip to the bar that one night! Really got knocked silly that night. 

So I wonder if those devious djinn's Sam & Sean were just doing this for only personal pleasure or because there scouts for future M2F pornstars? Both? :3 ~

Hmmmmm ~


  1. Ahem I love it when a plan cums together. Thank you very much for allowing me to guest star in this amazing caption, its truly an honor. Also I'm glad to see my bimbo spells getting better and better.

    1. Seems you tricked me & well.......:3

      Anytime, I'll use you occasionally as a guest star in my caps since I have a feel for what you like & your role in TG/TF storylines.

    2. I'm extremely thankful for that and well you made yet another steamy cap and its jsut perfect

  2. I love it, oooh my...

  3. Great captions series. Please make this into a continuing series.


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