(This is a 'Transformation' based blog for the posting of my personal works "XXX fictional caps" & my fantasies involving Gender Bending, M2F & Female to Futa/Dickgirl, Bimbo/Slut, Cartoonification/Flattening themes, Inanimate & Hentai TF's, that are usually forced/revenge themed.)

Monday, February 1, 2016

Lucid Dreaming Or The Slutty Reality? (Video)

(Lucid dream or a new job as a slutty blonde pornstar named Candy Cumms for a XXX company/firm basing there starlets in the themes of male to female XXX & gearing there movies towards the Devious Dickgirls, Dominating Females & Alpha Males that love to fuck the newly transformed Nympho's?)

Jeffs dreams seemed all to real sometimes, thoughts & experiences involving many that varied amoungst different universes also had been realised.

Natalie, Sean & many others seemed to show the male what a bimbo he was after some tricked or forced magical devices & spells plus machines before  one evening, Jeff began to fall asleep after a long day.

Strange things began to flood his mind as  he thought about the time he was forced & tricked into one of the many 'transformation' clubs down in the redlight district before it seemed much more real. Real in the fact that he felt a heat from something hard & pulsating beginning to generate/brush against Jeffs new plump, glossy girlish lips that echoed a sweet yet slutty feminine giggle.

Thats when Jeff realised this was the most realistic dream, he had ever had or was it a dream? Maybe a reality?


  1. Lucid dreams are a fun concept! I wish I could lucid dream every night and live out all of my fantasies!

    Btw I just finished a note on the Haven. ;p <3

  2. quale uomo non vorrebbe averla come fidanzata!! io se lei mi invita ad una sua festa accetto volentieri magari nel mucchio qualche cazzo arrapato lo rimedio anch'io nel pieno della foga collettiva chi si accorgerebbe che sono una sissy-boy!! baci baci baci

  3. It's like I find serenity and the thought to be a good one

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