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Sunday, January 3, 2016

The 2 Dimensional Domination

I guess theres alternative plus more sexier ways to find or create good reads & even better visuals? ;3


  1. *Flips a few pages forward, flips a few pages back*

    Look at you feminize and then unfeminize, and then feminiiiizzzzeeee and then unfeminizzzeeee, hehehe!

    *Casually lifts skirt and pulls panties to the side, then rubs hard dick on a picture of Crossdress Candy*

    1. (I could see you getting devious with this one & having a bit of fun with me in my helpless, femboy & flattened hentai state. Please Mistress, not too rough. <3)

      *With every page thats flipped, I feel my waist & hips swell before av small set of tits inflate, before with a few more flips of the pages my chest explodes with the sound bubbles PLOOMP & SWELL on the pages as my huge 36 DD chest bounces.

      Towards the end of the book, I have a fucked silly ahegao expression from being banged senseless in my flattened hentai prison by hentai Natalie my chest & body is an over-exagerrated bimbo version of my once crossdressing hentai self. Long twintails flow of my maid outfit that now looks too times too small as those huge tits barely contain themselves within the top of the maid outfit.

      Thats when I feel you flip the pages back as I completely lose almost all feminity other then my femboy appearance before with a silent shudder & squeal, I feel what now seems like a giantesses cock swipe the page as I almost immediately mentally cum like a needy crossdressing slut.*

  2. Just curious, what manga is the pic from?


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