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Monday, September 19, 2016

The Roomate Reprogramming

Havent done anything 'cartoony' in a while, I know its always ALOT of fun doing these for me. :3

This will be one in a few I'll be doing involving different themes for this series so expect 'follow ups' plus some other new content as mentioned. ^^

Ugh, my heads still in a bit of a loopy daze from becoming a cartoon poptart & from all the flattening, inflating, molding & other cartoon hyjinx brought upon me by those devious cartoon dickgirls in my very own cartoon Sean transformed me into. I know it ONLY got much more humiliating after the steamroller incident even if I wonder what cartoon shenanigans happened afterwords?

Perhaps you could mention what you thought or did happen to lil ole cartoon me in this 9 minute humiliating Candy cartoon? 


  1. I wonder what sort of a turn things took when the antagonist and the antagonist's horse showed up.

    1. Hah, I could see how the way with 'words' could flip this to be a bit of 'horseplay'!

  2. maybe used as a picnic blanket under big smothering arse's
    and two or three of the d girls making messy love.then put in a washing machine and ironed.

  3. Ohhh I loved this. ( sorry for the tardiness) I loved using road rollers to flatten you and using the magical remote on Jeff int he first place.

    Candy always turns out to be a cutie no matter which medium shes in.

    1. Thanks & I do remember alot of rewinding, pausing & playbcks involving my humiliating cartoony scenario's.

      Mmmmmmm, seems to be commonplace! <3


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