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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Another Trip Into The H-Verse (animated)

(Been playing around with file coverters & chopped a couple vids to make these specific for this post as far as me randomly getting pulled in plus trapped momentarily as the blonde victim in these vids. 

Already starting as well on the 'alpha' series I posted about so those will hopefully start posting soon. Thanks to all, these should be about once per week hopefully. but until then, enjoy another animated misadventure with me as a blonde hentai slut.)

"It all happened so fast that all I could remember, was another flash of light before I found myself trapped & transformed as some blonde hentai bimbo.

My mind raced but instantly, I realised how quickly I had been thrown into the role of another common blonde hentai whore as if I was auditioning for the latest hentai movie?

Quickly, I felt my much weaker feminine 36 DD body thrown to the ground as a strange man continued to point a camera at me. Echo's of *CLICK, CLICK, CLICK* now filled my mind before I felt a finger then slide into the new wet void that had been my newly made pussy.

Instantly, my mouth curled & I groaned out like a common slut as this man continued to verbally command me like a common piece of property before his dick slid right into my quivering pussy.

I could believe how much I bucked back against his thrusts as my ass bounced & shook with every slamming pound before instantly I noticed everything go black as a sticky glaze of cum covered me like a well placed out birthday cake.

Thats when I heard the echo's & chants of random onlookers before I awoke not ONLY in a catsuit, shackled & in a daze in some sports themed arena.

Oh god, I knew I was bound & helpless even if I wanted to run plus break free I still couldn't help but writhe as if I wanted to be humiliated plus pounded senseless.

I noticed another auburn haired catgirl being approached by the other humongous man at the same time I was. Mmmmm, why was I squirming & getting so excited from the torment this guy was already giving me? Thats when the humming of a bound vibrating dildo began to shake violently before my new blonde hentai female body finally gave in as I squealed out like in another mind breaking orgasm. 

I couldn't believe how hard this guy was or big, before his dick slid in & her pounded me until I seen stars. 

Thats when I realised I was being recorded as another hentai DVD before I soon awoke after being fucked so hard, I passed out covered in the mans spunk before I had mysteriously been transported back to the human realm plus my original human male body.

I still have yet to know how I was transported this time even if my body still shook at the thoughts of what had just happened."


  1. I would like to known what its like to get transported to the henti cartoon verse

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