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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Alpha Tales (Requests/Ideas CLOSED!)

After a few weeks, I decided to close the 'Alpha Tales - Misadvetures' series requests since no one else is posting & I've got enough to do at least a 10 part mini-series. Thanks to all & any for there ideas, sadly I wont be using all of them but to the ones I done use, I'll make sure to toss those ideas into other caps I make in the future.

This series will pay some homages to other cappers/friends as well like Smitty etc etc, that I collabed & have enjoyed as well so expect a few cameo's.

Already working on an opening & got pics saved for certain parts, plus will be adding a few freestyle filler segments in so if time allows it I'll be posting at least 1 part per week so keep an eye out.

~ Candy


  1. Candy you love your poundings all you need to do to deserve this ;)

    Smithy is how I found you so, I'm glad to see something with him :)

    1. *Eeeeps*

      Poundings you say? ;9

      Ah yesh, Smitty was one I helped get started capping back in 2010 & a friend plus someone I collabed with ALOT.

      Smittys role will be a background figure without giving too many 'spoilers' away but you'll also be included into the story.


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