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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Ideas and........

Been a minute since I updated anything but wanted to share this specific doujin for one because I love Q/Behind Moon which is known for gender bending/dickgirl themed hentai & adding in gender bending plus a trap/femboy just adds to the tri-fecta. 

(THIS DOUJIN HERE) I highly recommend checking out, english translation is in the works.

I envisioned myself getting pulled into said doujin, flattened then transforming into the devious trap/femboy that trys & shortly dominates the futa (in which I see being Natalie Amore) before she turns the tables on my femboy form & forcefully transforms me into a big tittied slut that Natalie/she eventually fucks silly plus stuffs full of big futa-cock. 

This may actually be a theme I eventually make into a cap involving just this.

Got many things half done & am hoping to post something new by tomm night so keep an eye out.

~ Candy


  1. I LOVE this idea!!! ;D

    Those images are SO perfect and SUPER sexy! Also, schoolgirl uniforms are fun! ;p

    1. I thought you might. ;9 ~

      Its merely just a posting as referance, but I love femboy/trap themes & think it might be fun to even do something involving you transforming me into a very feminine femboy.

      Thats for another cap, perhaps a addition to my 'trapped' series I write occasionally. Perhaps I'll stay a trap so you can pound my tight feminine femboy ass.

      I'll goof chance keep you in your normal business attire of a sexy skirt with thigh highs or pantyhose unless you had a pref for something else?

      Just curious for future caps, what are some of your 'kinks' you enjoy the most Miss Well Hung?

    2. Sexy business attire is good, nice tight skirt, with some tall boots! ;p

      I'm a fan of all kinds of clothes! Could be in a dress one day and dressed like a biker chick the next!

      Your question about 'kinks' will surprisingly take some thought.

    3. Sooooooooooo...one of my "kinks" would be when someone is changed surgically, whether it be willing or unwilling, guy getting feminized or a girl getting a dick, including surgeries that are outside the realm of "normal" or what seems possible! ;o

      This includes "surgeries" performed in a torturous manner by those who are not necessarily surgeons...like a feminized guy getting certain body parts removed slowly and painfully to complete transformation or various other scenarios... ;O

      A mild example of a surgery related series I've seen is in Samantha deSavory's, Perils of Perdita, in a few of the caps a guy who looks a lot like a woman he likes agrees to help her out by becoming her double, he gets made up by her and ends up getting "temporary" implants to complete the look, inevitably he ends up in a situation as her where he ends up giving blowjobs/getting fucked in her place! ;p

    4. Ah, thats one I've done a few caps off in my early cappin stage that arent even around on my current PC. I will keep this in mind & perhaps try my hand at one sometime.

    5. Totally up to you! ;) I'm pretty good at getting behind many different kinks, which is part of what made it hard thinking of any that stuck out.

    6. I'll see what I can come up with. Got a few others in the works with you guest starring again that involve some off the wall inanimate TF themes.

      My kinks get a bit odd but I love what I love. :3

      Really loved your replys in my cartoony cap thread, extreme turn ons to me but thats because inanimate TF's (flattenings, inflations etc etc) are the extreme form of complete bondaged submission & helplessness in where I'm at the mercy of my captor, complete mercy.

      You seemed quite gifted at flattening plus humiliating me in that cartoon setting. Perhaps we'll have to do that again if your up for it? <3

  2. *checks Candy's blog to see if there is a new cap* ;o

    *sees that there isn't* :(

    You sure know how to test a Futa Mistress' patience! ;p

    *waits in anticipation*

    1. I'm sorry Miss Natalie, 'real lifes' keepin me busy once again but I do have many 'skeleton' caps ready to go meaning all I have to do is add text.

      Please dont punish me Mistress, not the onahole machine or hentai-maker. :3

      I will have something up soonish, not going anywhere.

    2. "This begging not to get punished scenario sounds familiar...something about a brier patch. Oh well, I can't seem to recall." ;p

      "Into the onahole machine with you it is!" Once in the machine you're melted into a puddle of fleshy goo with a face. You are then poured into a mold which is heated until you solidify and then pop out the other side of the machine.

      I pick you up and look into your eyes, "You might be wondering why you can still see me? That is because instead of turning you into an onahole I've actually turned you into a duahole, It's a little word I made up. You are now a fleshy tube and on this side you have a face, with pretty painted lips locked open begging to be filled, on the other end is your pussy! Either end I choose to use can stretch to accommodate me! You may experience pain from being stretched, but lucky for you, you shouldn't tear!" ;D

      For the next few hours I use you alternating from pounding your pussy, and fucking your face, before shooting my last load into your mouth as I smile deviously looking into your eyes. Then I toss you on the floor. "I'll clean you out tomorrow, and then maybe in a few days I'll change you back..." ;p

      (I totally get it 'real life' takes up a lot of time. Take your time! I just thought it'd be fun to leave you a message since I check at least every other day or so. Hope you enjoy your punishment!) ;)

    3. Mmmmmmmmm, its always a treat to get these lengthy replies from you. ^^ Very sexy! <3

      Thats flattering to hear, love a lil pat pat every now & then.

      Thanks & keep that cock nice n hard for lil ole me.


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