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Monday, September 7, 2015

Conned At The Con!

Still wondering who bought me & what happened to me in the game?

Older cap I've been meaning to post. ~

~ Candy


  1. Sounds like quite a fun game! You make such an adorable little cartoon bimbo slut! ;p

    1. Being a digital cartoon bimbo can be just as fun plus embarrassing as being hentai-ed.

      Mmmmmm, why thanks miss well hung. I just wonder if it was you that bought & played me, what things you might have put me through or transformed me into?

      Oh, I got more stuff with you guest starring as well. Just keep a cock or erm eye out.

    2. I was instantly drawn to the booth with the cartoon ditsy blonde bimbo character with big tits plastered on big posters!(They certainly knew how to do marketing!) ;p

      After hearing a quick spiel about the game I was sold, I even took home a large poster and plushie of the Candy character! I loved how all the merchandise had such a glint of life in the character's eyes! ;D

      I quickly loaded the game and began letting my erotic mind go wild! I built a machine in game with all sorts of pistons and other parts that I then equipped with large dildos, and then I suspended Candy all tied up with rope hanging down into the machine. The 2 jumbo dildos were going into her ass and pussy, while another dildo was set for deep-throat mode! That's not all though! I also set dildos up to slap against her face, ass, and tits...AND a vibrator would rub against her clit as she swung back and forth from the motion of the pistons!! ;O

      It was at this point that I took advantage of the export feature and made the scene into my new screen saver and a GIF to share on the game's website!

      Then I realized how I could end the scene. I set it up so that after Candy would have 50 orgasms a pair of sissors would activate and cut the rope that suspended her and drop her into a machine similar to a car crusher where she would be smashed completely flat, at which point a bucket of cum(I love that this is an item in the game) would tip and dump all over her flattened body! The final image would be of her big blue eyes blinking very cartoon like from under a puddle of cum!

      This game is sure a ton of fun! ;p

      (I hope this answers your question of what I'd put you through! ;p <3 Also, I'm curious if you enjoyed my comment to your last interactive post? This is what happens when my devious mind takes control!) ;)

    3. *Wipes the cum from her flattened face*

      "Oh my, this was quite pressing".

      This was radiculously sexy, loved every aspect of this idea, especially being flattened silly then glazed with cum & what you put me through. I'm sure I was put through many more humiliatingly filthy cartoon scenario's by you?

      Sorry hun, I loved the idea on the other interactive idea as well & mustve spaced posting a reply. I'm a bit of a dingbat. :3

    4. No worries! <3 I was simply curious. I seem to end up writing really long posts when my mind suddenly overflows with an idea. I may need to find a way to overcum this! ;p

    5. Ah, it gives me ideas for a cap down the road actually but please continue to post extensive detailed posts. I love them & they not only help give me ideas but give me motivation to make new content.

      Your posts are very sexy Miss well hung, so much so that I've decided to keep you as someone in the Candy-verse caps I do. Well that & I love dickgirls, ALOT! Sadly, I've collabed with many other TG/TF cappers, commentors & writers that either just quit or disappeared so I always try to find a small few that fit my kinks & niche as well as enjoy what I do.

      I do have a small favor to ask if you might be up for it? Since I loved the idea in this cap I posted involving what you might do to me in the game. I would love to hear another sexy slutty post about what you might do in round 2 perhaps with one of my cartoony favs mixed in, flattening.

    6. I'll see if I can come up with something later tonight!

    7. The next thing I noticed was that you could make other avatars to add to the scenarios you created in the game! I quickly got to work creating a cartoon avatar of myself wearing sexy black lace lingerie and then dropped it in! ;)

      The first thing I had Toon-Nat do was go over to the flattened cum covered Candy and walk all over her, taking a moment to play footsie with her flattened pussy! Next I had Nat kneel down and lick up the cum that was over Candy's mouth. Then the two characters locked lips and Nat began to inflate Candy bit by bit into a rubbery bimbo blowup doll! ;p

      After Candy was inflated and lying on the ground I noticed a [?] block on the screen...I had Nat jump and punch the block, which produced a little blue mushroom similar to the red ones from the Mario. I grabbed the mushroom and Nat's she-cock doubled in size and popped right out of her panties!! ;o A surprised and frightened expression appeared on blow up Candy's face. Nat then stripped nude, and I noticed a mirror object appear, and a reflection of Nat moving on it's own, I had Nat reach into the mirror and she was able to pull the doppelganger out of the mirror! ;O Candy's shocked expression became even more so her rubbery lips becoming a big O shape!

      I had the Nat's pick up the immobile doll by her pigtails and legs! One began to thrust in and out of Candy's mouth and the other slammed her super dick into Candy's pussy! ;p

      I took a moment and exported a GIF of this scene to tweet to the game's creator to show how much I was enjoying the game! <3 ;p

      After watching Candy get fucked from both ends for a little bit, with a couple of keystrokes I had the Toon-Nats drop her on the floor before they both shot their super loads all over Candy from head to toe! ;D

      Mirror Nat waved goodbye and returned to the mirror, and then another [?] block appeared, curious I had Nat punch it and a very large red mushroom popped out! After grabbing it Nat suddenly grew to become a giant version of herself 10 stories tall, and due to the sudden change she lost her balance! Candy-doll could do nothing but watch in terror as the giants ass was falling toward her, and in an instant she was smashed completely FLAT!!

      When Nat stood back up I lost it laughing as I saw a contorted flat Candy with wide eyes and mouth stuck to her humongous ass!! ;p

      (^Really long post again! Hope you enjoy! Sorry it took a bit, internet has been fickle the last few days.) <3

    8. Haha, its fine Miss Natalie. Mmmmmm, well worth the wait, love it just as much as the last. I'm guessing you made quite a few Candy gifs from my digitized cartoon conundrums?

      I'm sure there was another part involving a blowbang with multiple dickgirl Natalies throat fucking me before covering me in a white glaze with a *SPLOOGE* . Thats when in my dazed fucked stupor, I dont realise the original Natalie is zooming towards me with a huge steamroller before *WHAM, SQUISH*. I'm once again a flattened cum covered humiliating mess, then roll credits. <3

      Candy butt tattoo, eeeeeeppps.

      So sexy, loved it! <3

  2. Replies
    1. Oh yea, perhaps this was set up by you & one of the many punishment revenges for me getting bimbofied then face fucked by the neighbor?

      I think you had this djinn set up to do this to me, so you could take my new cartoon dvd form home & really put me through the 'wringers', flatten, steamroll, pound & pancake me cartoonily stupid on TV while you watched, grinned & controlled my cartoon bimbo form on screen?

      (Got a couple things/caps planned with you involved as well, actually there roomate punishment caps & one will have me reappearing as Kitty Cat Candy.)

  3. Hmmt hat is purrrfect the world can always use more kitty cat Candy <3


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