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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Alpha Club Announcement

Got a few things going on plus another involving Natalie & Sean I'm finishing up, but until then heres a special service announcement to remind patrons to make sure to pay your tabs upon leaving or who knows what might ensue as I soon found out. <3


  1. Not that I would ever be a deadbeat, but this is one place I might not mind forgetting to pay the bill. ;)

  2. It was a lively night at the Alpha Club, and I watched from the balcony as I sipped my drink. I spotted a guy Jeff trying to show off in front of his friends obviously trying too hard to seem like Alpha material. I'm so glad I paid that girl to convince him to follow her outside, and get him caught "leaving without paying." ;p

    I've heard from the other board members that Candy has sure made the club a lot of money, and has shown she definitely belongs at the Alpha Club! Sometimes we can't just rely on guys skipping out on paying, when we need the best new girls they trust my judgement to make things happen! ;) <3

    1. "Was that like you in my last pic or? Crapsies, I like cant remember?"

    2. Don't you worry your pretty little head about it, you just stay on your knees. I have something to show you under my skirt and we'll see if it can help you remember. ;) <3

    3. Sounds like I'm about to get some lip gloss smearing and..........<3

  3. Gostosa,que tesão,,quero chupar todinha e socar essa pica até o saco,sem cueca e ficou muito duro aqui,que tesão bela,beijos....


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