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Monday, January 9, 2012

The Silky Blisses Of Concious & Unconciousness

This cap stems from a dream that I would call "Lucid" that I remembered having over a year ago, involving this very same scenario that awoke me from a dead sleep, panting & sweating slightly.

By far one of the most erotic solo dreams I've had involving me becoming female so because of that, I decided to add it to a cap with some more sensual & less XXX images of that sexy tart, Lexi Belle which happens to be my fav starlet.

Its interesting when I was making this cap especially since even though its not an extremely detailed description of what was happening in my dream, its descriptive enough for anyone to get a general visual even if images weren't helping narrate it.

Anyways, enjoy. ~


  1. What a wonderful dream. Those alarm clocks always go off at the worst moment!

  2. I think I've had similar dreams... maybe we were both there at the same time! I wonder what we might have been upto?

  3. Chaos@

    I broke a few, but havent we all? :3


    Mmmmm, I think a few of us have hun & I dont need to answer the second half of that question since we know what would happen if you joined me in one of those dreams.

    I may just have to pop out a cap to show what we might be up too instead of saying it? :3



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