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Thursday, August 25, 2011

One Large Mcthirsty, Please?

Cap quickie I just made to re-kindle those old humiliations of whats about to start up again with the trials of Smitty Vs. Candy. 

This was done as a silly yet sexy warm up since I took a brief hiatus (2 months) from cappin' but have started back up again.

Basically these Smitty Vs. Candy caps started up over a year ago when Smitty Simon joined over on Rachels Haven & I had an idea to do a trade war. 

Eventually it ended up becoming an epic saga of Jeff being turned into Candy, a nymphomatic bimbo lost and on her quest to find Smitty while fucking everyone & everything along the way.

Some of those caps can be found on Smittys blog  or you can read it completed over on rachels haven, look here ....

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