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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A curious question, needs a curious answer? (discussion)

While I'm not new to transformation as well as TG/TF fiction or scenario's or the community, I just thought I would try & scratch a lil itch once again to appease my curiosity from within since I've never truly heard honestly from many of you (friends & Anon's) as to what or why its truly appealing or arousing to transform males like me or others into helpless female sluts, sissys & bimbo's before there fucked silly or humiliated?

I know that a vast majority of males like myself, moreso enjoy & get tickled in that certain sweet spot from being the one transformed into the insatiable lil' slutty female tarts but I wanna hear from the males, females & T-girls that enjoy doing the actual transforming to us males.

It can willing, unwilling, forced, revenge etc etc that turns your crank, but I'm just intrigued as to what it is that pushes your buttons by being the one transforming us?

Power, helplessness, deviousness or perhaps a lust to show us our new desires that we may not know?

I'm sure I'll hear some answers I know already, but am curious still..


  1. Control and power.


  2. Aside from the usual points about control and power, the other thing that gets me is transforming others gives you a better view of what's happening than if it was yourself. It allows you to see and appreciate the female body as it forms, instead of simply admiring one that already exists or trying to watch as it happens to yourself. It's a more objective way to take in what's happening and notice things that would otherwise be missed.

  3. oh i can't comment on WHY Superiors like it..but i surely do like that caption!

  4. @Rauk:

    Good points, its always interesting & a turn on to see things as you write them by viewing it from the otherside def hun. :3

    Some just enjoy the thoughts that there storys are turning on the ones reading them or that there writing them for while others just as you said enjoy the perspective of the sculpting another into the ideal physical form of femininity.

    Personally, I love when people do caps for me that get turned on by the thought/s of me transforming, thats one of a few button pushers for me thats always turns my crank.

    Thanks for the interesting feedback, love hearing what my friends think.


    And here I thought you where a superior.

    *giggles then laughs*

    Its a sexy lil quickie...


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