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Monday, August 29, 2011

Stealing Masculinity

Another one of my personal favs is scenario's like what I'm about to post as far as double transformations, involving female to dickgirl/futanari & male to female before the obvious happens..

This was one of many different caps I made involving myself & a friend Ella (Harold) back in the TF Media days even though I still chat with her on futanari palace .

Sometimes I think she/Ella enjoys her new cock just as much as my new pussy that shes continued to violate plus stuff on a regular basis, if I like it or not..

Expect regular updates since I have a huge collection of caps I've made plus have many in the works that I'm making..

I will be offering one free request cap per week, soon for people that comment on a regular basis. Hopefully this will encourage people to lurk less & comment more since I enjoy the critique as well as commentary on my creations, so feel free to do so Anon's & blogsters..

All is fair game for themes/kinks in the requests, if you wish to transform me or be transformed, I'll leave that up to you & your tastes..However, comments must be more then "good cap" type of responses since that would be unfair to others..


  1. Wow, female to dickgirl, male to female are some of my favorite caps. Great job here. A little confusing to me as to who was speaking the first line (I figured it out, though) but great job overall. If I had a request it would be to show the dickgirl rather than just suggest there is a girl with a penis.

  2. Great work, I've always loved the idea of the "tg and a half" but I never found a pic set I liked enough to make it work. I'm hoping to be able to do one soon, but for now I'll just enjoy the amazing job you've done here.

  3. @mingle:

    Thanks, its a rarity that I hope to change since I love the scenario's & pairings plus the dominance that usually is shown over the transformed males.


    *Nods* I appreciate the nice words and glad your enjoyin' my lil creations hun. ^^

    Yea, thats not too much quality dickgirl on female stuff thats cap worthy & the stuff that comes close is either shooped/maniped & looks obnoxious or you have to do like I did and use two reg females that dont show any genitalia so you can manip the images with a story added.

    I'll see what I can whip up & I look forward to seeing what you come up with..:3

  4. @Candy Well, one type of cap I've seen use that more often is anime caps. For obvious reasons(the dislocation from reality) it's easier to find perfectly fitting images to many situations if you know where to look.

    A similar transformation that I liked was "The Magic Dildo" that Argus used in 2 of his anime caps. It was similar to this in that it was shoved into a male's ass to make him female. In this caption http://f1.grp.yahoofs.com/v1/QGBcTuqhHeO6k-c-ZAmiBU0SVNN3QQi1-bd8dlOrv1TbzDR_IwZdWt7b19SVl06M0-0_PLUjawtClxTWKBstgX0RL5yrsw/Single%20Captions/Making%20an%20ass%20of%20himself.jpg ,(not sure if that link will work) a dildo is the key to the transformation. It's placed there by two girls and the transformed boy is forced to try and remove it so the effects aren't permanent. Unable to remove it himself, he has to ask a friend, who is inclined to shove it further in, making it permanent.

    I really enjoyed this type of situation, and it definitely resembles your cap here in some elements. I would love to see more of either type from the captioning community.

  5. Wow that's a little different than a lot of caps you see Candy - nicely done! *giggles*

  6. @Anon:

    Yea, I've seen Argus's stuff & have done lots of hentai based caps involving these themes..

    I was meaning for RL porn actually. :3


    Thanks hun, I try to bring something humiliatingly nasty & sexy yet new to the table in my storys...;9 ~

  7. hey not sure if you have seen but some people not sure who are building a new tf media here is the link http://www.tf-media2.net/website/

  8. @littlecynithia:

    Theres been rumors for months now so heres to hoping it pans out and is started back up again, this time by a whole new Admin..

    That links new though, thanks hun. ^^


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