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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christines New Panties

Man, I really should watch those spellbooks better next time. :9

Been far too long since I did a cap involving a double TF involving TG & Inanimate stuff so I needed my fix. 

Made this for Xeoush over at Rachels Haven with myself added in for fun, pantie & clothes TF storys are ALOT of fun to write, need to do more stuff soon.

I may have to include Evie next, even if I have plans for you already girl. >:3


  1. Oh to be the panties of a slutty bimbo. To squeeze her butt and press against her pussy. And then to be quickly pulled aside as she fucks her boyfriend/coworker/that cute guy she ran into at the mall. Only to be put back in place and catch the still warm cum as it oozes out of her.

  2. Mmmmh, I love it when the spellbook gets in the hands of the naughty new slut and she uses it to cause chaos. Those Candy panties are going to see a lot of dirty action... maybe Christine will wrap them round some guys big cock and use them to jerk him off, giggling like a naughty slut as he cums all over them...


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