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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Secret Of Tanushi's Curse

Quickie I made after watching far too much twilight zone & tales from the crypt, added Chaosbeast (Kyra) in this just for fun. 

Usually anything I do involving these types of storylines, I make into a series & get very detailed but I've been more into quik one shots lately due to the lack of freetime.

Enjoy ~


  1. What a wonderful, permanent vacation! Thank's for bringing me along sexy!

  2. Looks like you both could have quite an interesting time. Do you happen to have a map?

  3. I'm with Annie O.M.! Just wondering, now that they're girls, and hot ones at that, will the curse turn them back if they start wondering what it's like to have a big, stiff cock... in these tight, warm pussies? No! Wait! I mean, if they start thinking of what it would be like to have thick manhood again... sliding in & out of these hungry slits...

  4. It's a shame you don't have the free time to turn this into something more (I can easily relate). This could make an interesting little series.

    1. I may just do a few "spin off" caps based after it for fun since it leaves too many possibilities not to.


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