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Monday, August 13, 2012

The Reconditioned!

This initially was going to be a 3 parter but because of time limitations, I crammed it into a one page cap & am a bit mixed about how it turned out.

While I tend to be focused on the lil details, especially in a scenario or story of this caliber involving industry entraping people that aren't wise enough to read the full print of a contract or agreement.

I may turn this into a series & do some more lengthy caps that explain a few of the OC's behind "Gendertech" but havent decided as of yet, anyways enjoy. :3


  1. It feels a little rushed, but is still very sexy! I have a hunch Rod Johnson is very popular with the Bimbtech subjects, and wouldn't be surprised if he had brothers named Richard and Peter ;)

    1. Thanks, yea "Rod Johnson" & "Dick Trickle" are the two most successfull in that field. >:3

  2. mmmm great cap Candy, I need some extra money where do I sign up?

  3. This is really good! Does this particular storyline have a continuation?


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