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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Alpha Club (Case Files 2)

Well heres another for my "Case Files" idea based off of Trisha's "Alpha Club" I decided to toss around & turn into a series with my own twists as long as my motivation proceeds me that is...:3

This time I added myself & Gingersnap aka "Ginger" from the Haven as well as from her sexy lil blog "A Taste of Ginger" which you should go check if you haven't, shes another sexy lil blonde I enjoy cappin' plus gettin' into mischief with!

Anyways, updates will be random but from time to time until "real life" calms itself!

Comments always welcome & appreciated, enjoy! 


  1. This is just too much coincidence for my liking. I think I should launch an inquiry into Josh and Jeff's dissapearences. Starting with a lengthy interview with the "#1 Butt Sluts"

    1. Sounds like a rather "lengthy" & "deep" rooted interview process, I just hope you dont skeak in the backdoor. ;9

    2. You know how bimbos can be. Sometimes it takes a while to "pound" out all the details.

    3. *shivers & bites her bottom lip*


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