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Monday, August 27, 2012

PC's crappin' out & RANT! (BLAH)

First off, thanks for everyones continued support of the blog & TG/TF community in general.

Its been quite a few years for me online & between cappin', writing & meeting the many others online that are doing the same or just enjoyin' them from the sidelines, its been fun!

No, I'm not leaving or givin' up on cappin' but wont lie in saying this weeks been very rough for me. First & for most, I fear my laptops about to die on me which is really fucked up since all I have for back up is my DROID for net access..

Although, I'm in the process of hopefully getting a cheap used replacement if the price is right because moneys a bit thin right now so send me some positive thoughts & second, I may be losing my job because the company I work for is not doing so good.

Sadly, this trend has continued for me over the last yr or so with unstability in the job market & has once again raised my stress levels to an all time maximum which rarely happens to me, because I'm much more calm then that but even I have my breaking points..

Anyways, updates or caps wont be happening until I get my compy fixed since its been crashing & I fear the motherboards on its way out..While I'll still be around, posts wont be happening so until then, thanks again & heres to hopin' this gets fixed soon because my stress right now is horrible!


  1. Candy, I'm sorry to hear about both the computer and the job. I can't imagine how frustrating that is and send out nothing but happy thoughts (and the occasional hentieverse image) your way!

  2. It was a nasty shock for me when my PC went down a couple of months back and I couldn't resurrect everyting on the drives. Luckily I already had a laptop that has taken over the main load. I hope you can come back fighting and we can enjoy your work real soon.

  3. Wishing for a little luck to flow in your direction. Things have been pretty rough on the economic front for a lot of people, for a very long time now...I can relate. Things will turn around. :)

  4. I am sorry to hear that Candy, I am going to miss your sexy caps, and your sexy self. I will say some prayers for you, and hope everything gets a little easier! Hugs and kisses

  5. Thanks, appreciate all the positive words! :3

  6. Sorry to hear everything's going so rough for you right now Candy! I hope things start looking up soon!

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