(This is a 'Transformation' based blog for the posting of my personal works "XXX fictional caps" & my fantasies involving Gender Bending, M2F & Female to Futa/Dickgirl, Bimbo/Slut, Cartoonification/Flattening themes, Inanimate & Hentai TF's, that are usually forced/revenge themed.)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What Keeps Your Curiosity in TG/TF? (Question)

Sorry, but no new caps today & instead, I gotta know what is it that keeps you coming back to TG/TF based stories and/or caps or what is it that gets you going with the themes?

Is it that you enjoy being the "transformed" or "transformee" or perhaps both. Maybe its the helplessness or humiliation of a forced transformation via "revenge" or "punishments" ? Maybe its just a curiosity to see what is like to be a male or female for a day? 

Or perhaps its just that you enjoy reading them out of slight curiosity, nothing more?

So what is it that keeps you coming back to my blog & all the others that are scattered throughout the community, please enlighten & help feed my own curiosity since while I do know many already it would still be interesting to hear some refreshed opinions. 


  1. Wishes and dreams of giving in to my thoughts

  2. with me being a submissive in a D\s relationship i find it erotic in the punishment senario... being a straight man in todays world i like to see it as wat types of imagination other people have. you do very good caps they are always well thought out and highly arousing. and truth be told i have found myself wondering wat it would be like to be in a punishment senario from one of your caps =)


  3. Transformee and like to be a dominant male.

  4. i love the idea of the total power loss and humilation of it

  5. What don't I like about tg/tf would be a better question?

    I love the idea of becoming a woman. I'd especially love to be Lexi in that photo!

    On top of that, I do enjoy all sorts of various themes running through the captions. Becoming a helpless sex object, be it a bimbo, a slut, a sex doll, all are very alluring.

  6. For me, I think it is the fact that I have always been in control of a situation since I was about 9 years old. I find it very hard to give up any sort of control in my life, so the idea of transforming into a simple object and losing control over absolutely everything always seems to strike an erotic fear in me, and that really turns me on. I come to your site and others for the inanimate transformations and like to see myself as the one being transformed.

    By the way I think you make wonderful caps, and I will look forward to all the ones to come in the future. Keep up the great work :)

  7. The control of the person and the concept of tg in general. Also the anime too.

  8. TG caps and fiction allows my inner self to indulge in the fantasy of a magical transformation of the body that I can never achieve in the real world and to explore desires that I will likely never fulfill. I personally always identify with the MTF transformed characters, whether they are antagonist or protagonist doesn't seem to matter that much. The idea of having the change forced onto me is appealing because it alleviates the guilt of upending everyone else's world for my own personal desires, and the fears of not being accepted. The stories of complete subjugation are sometimes a little much for me. A Dom once told me, "You can stop pretending to be submissive...YOU ARE submissive!"and while that may be true in certain aspects the idea of being a mindless toy or thing is an uncomfortable thought. That said, the medium even allows those things that are distasteful to be erotic in certain situations. Oh yeah, and sometimes it's just fun to let go and explore a different world full of hot steamyness n whips n BIG, mouth watering....MMMMMmmm...

  9. You're pretty much spot on. Revenge, humiliation, struggle, and torment are great. Sounds terrible but i love it! Transformed and transformee. Different methods, different conclusions, and not simply just becoming a bimbo slut. Variety is key!

  10. Medallion of Zulo and Spells R Us are great universes.

    Friends who can't get girls explore magic to get closer to girls or learn more about them, or take turns to help each other experience their first time.

    Once the man is changed there is a power shift. Wives or girlfriends exert their will, maybe becomes male for a full role reversal.

    The idea of wearing pants in the relationship. A changed male having to choose between tight revealing "girl" pants or a skirt / dress. What is the lesser of two evils?

    Using magic for help for a costume, halloween or party. Costume becomes real, maybe a couple go as a cat (girlfriend) and dog (boyfriend) and the other couple do a role reversal theme as a football player (girlfriend) and cheerleader (boyfriend) Then every full moon, or every halloween they turn into a real dog, and a real female (can only talk like a valley girl or something like that)

    Reoccurring transformations like Ranma 1/2. It isn't permanent, but it would effect your life. Full moons, cold water, getting rejected by a woman, things that are somewhat common but can be avoided if you really wanted to - you still have control but how much effort is it worth to stay a male?

    Things like games: gambling, bets, card games, board games like Jumanji.

    The idea of fluid genders allowing people to love the personality instead of the gender. Gay people are limited in their love - if your spouse changed sex you wouldn't love them anymore, same thing with strait people. In a TG world, you could take turns being the man, and having babies, etc.

    Magic potions, magic wands, wishes, body suits are good tools to change gender.

    Fear of others finding out that you are now a girl, and your desperation to change back to a man. In the same way some closet people don't want their friends / family to know their sexual secret.

    Husband and wife using TG to spice up their marriage - husband gains new respect for the role of a wife.

    Boyfriend becomes a more beautiful woman than his girlfriend, and the girlfriend becomes taller/stronger/more manly than the boyfriend.

    Man changes to a woman, but can't change back without someone's help: TG Pills can only be purchased by men, or Body Suit can not be taken off by the person who put it on, or body swap spell only works if both parties agree to it (and woman enjoys being the man), or MAU can only be operated from the outside.

    Things I don't like

    1) personality death, if a tree feel in the woods and no one was there to hear it, did it really fall. In the same way, was this girl really a man if she has no memory of being a man.

    2)Mind control is preventing her from acting how she would act. Without free agency to act, the person is just a living doll, and can't be accountable or punished for their actions.

    3) No pictures of blow jobs, or naked men.

    4) Use naked women pictures sparingly, if at all.

    5) Walls of Text. (Too long; Didn't Read - TL;DR)Let the picture tell the story, don't write a novel were the words take up more room than the picture.

    6) Turning into an inanimate object.

    PS To end on a positive note: I really like your Daily Affirmations series.

  11. For me it's entertaining the impossible. What would I do if I was the other gender. How would I act both if reality shifted and everybody else thought I was always that way, or if this was a shock to everybody. How I'd act if my mind was altered or the same. There's definitely a sexuality to it and how I would feel and act, but also just how life would go. The curiosity of something that is so close, but so impossible in only in one respect (the actual changing), with very real-life consequences that would have to be dealt with.

  12. The easy answer to your question is that I find your work to be erotic and arousing. You select good images and write a compelling story to go along with them.

    But that's why I come here to your blog in particular and part of the reason I create caps in general. To broaden it out though, one of the reasons I hit up your and other's blogs is to help gain inspiration. I want to keep changing and evolving as a cap artist, and you don't do that in a vacuum. You've had plenty of ideas that I've borrowed or stolen outright. You've had designs and layouts that have inspired new directions in my own work. That that's true for all the TG blogs that I visit.

    If I just wanted to get aroused I'd look at blank images and imagine a scenario all my own... but I enjoy seeing everyone's personal shade of creativity. Often when I'm not in the mood to cap, I just need to see something new from another artist, and I can gain inspiration from that.

    So why do I come here specifically? Because you make good captioned images!

  13. It's all about the transformations and how it affects the characters lives for me. I like a good old fashioned clusterfuck, where something causes one character to transform into a hot slut and how it creates sexy drama in their lives. Whether she fucks the whole neighbourhood, creates an army of bitches just like her, or settles down to a quiet country home with her recently bimbotized lesbian love slave.

    I think you probably are beating yourself up a little too hard, the reason people keep coming back to this blog, THIS blog, is because they like your writing. Keep it up, babe, I don't post near as often as you and I get worn out sometimes too. If only I had inspiration as often I would be posting content left and right but thats life, I suppose.

    Your work is always all over the map, which I like. You don't stick to one theme, each post tends to be very different so you appeal most likely to quite the range of readers. Maybe just think about what you want to write about best, I think artists and writers should just say what they need at the time, express only what you're feeling but through the words on the page through the model in the caption's beauty. I think your best work is ahead of you =)

  14. I always wanted to be a woman to have the perfect body and have things come easy to me. I also feel that the only way a woman will ever love me is if I am a woman so I love women but I think what it would be like to be them.

  15. For a long time, i have wondered what sex as a woman is like. I imagine the feelings, both physical and mental.

    Like submission, there is less guilt if things are forced on me. I shouldn't want to be dominated, i shouldn't want to let someone have their way with me, i shouldn't want to suck or be fucked, and i certainly shouldn't want to be transformed into a female sex toy. But if these things happen to me without me openly choosing them, then it must be okay.

  16. I come to this site because you write great stories to go with awesome visuals. I enjoy reading and writing TG because in my mind being a female is sexy. The female form is sexy to me and the idea of being the center of attention or admired and catered too just for being beautiful and sexy fascinates me. I also like the idea of giving up responsibility. Now I know that women in real life have plenty of responsibility but I also notice that the most beautiful women I know personally seem to have this sense of security that they have a safety net to fall back on because of their beauty. One of my friends even admitted that she knew that her beauty would always ensure that she could find some one to "taker care of her" if she ever needed it. I envy that kind confidence and control that it affords them.


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