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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The House Always Wins!

Well it does....or does it?

Fun cap I made for a newer gal in the cappin'community over on Rachels Haven, named Ginger .

If you havent caught her blog, over here & here then go do it..It always fun to see new victims.....er....I mean cappers popping up with similiar tastes, anyways enjoy! :3 ~


  1. Now now, just because the house always wins, it doesn't mean there has to be a loser. I'm sure Ginger will have a lovely evening if she learns to embrace her inner bimbo slut. It can't be lurking too deep in that hot little body she's got.

  2. Doesn't seem like much a gamble when everybody ends up winning...

    And not that it matters, but if it takes three cards to reach 21, it's not technically a 'blackjack.' Blackjack is when you are dealt an Ace and a 10/face card as your first two cards.

    Then again, why am I even bringing this up when there is a new sexy blonde just waiting to be played with. I really need to get my priorities straightened out.

  3. I often think it might be a plus to lose this watt, as transitioning full-time, is Sadek I've ever wanted. Being TS as I am concerned. It's like stepping off the stoop send to have consequences this go around. It's tough the first few months. As your whole workloads is upside down. But good that I have bosses in L.A.California that are ok with it. Its refreshing in that respect


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