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Monday, April 30, 2012

The Warlocks Wrath

Some will never learn that breaking into a house that wields an evil magic user can bring humiliating consequences, as me & Evie soon found out.

Cap was made for Evie, enjoy. :3


  1. All actions have consequences. However whether those consequences are positive or negative....

    PS. Love the warlock's name!

    1. In this case, positive!

      Well at least IMO. :3

  2. What a load of warlocks! I'm sure they'll enjoy playing with them, lucky bimbos

  3. I love how slutty you always make us. Get me some of that Warcock, I mean... erm, you know what I mean...

    Thanks babe!

  4. Loving the mindless look and sluttiness, Candy.


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