(This is a 'Transformation' based blog for the posting of my personal works "XXX fictional caps" & my fantasies involving Gender Bending, M2F & Female to Futa/Dickgirl, Bimbo/Slut, Cartoonification/Flattening themes, Inanimate & Hentai TF's, that are usually forced/revenge themed.)

Monday, October 3, 2011

A Girlfriends New Girlfriend

Another VERY OLD cap I did that I never even got around to posting on any other sites or older blogs, always loved this specific image. ;9 ~


  1. Why do I get the feeling that she might invite a few hunky men round to ensure that he does have a little 'accident' and ends up as a sexy bitch forever. Love it!

  2. Yes! Call him over now!

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