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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What Next? (Interactive)

(These can be fun since I enjoy seeing what others come up with so heres another, this will be hentai verse/cartoon related so go crazy with answers & be as brutal as you want with me/my new form.)

"Welcome viewer & owner, I am the voice narrator of the interactive Djinn hentai program. Now that you've managed to trap that notorious TG/TF capper/human male named Jeff inside & turn him into a buxom hentai vixen, what will you do to our new cartoonish heroine or scenario's will she be going through?


  1. What is the anime? :0

    1. Its from To Love Ru - Darkness EP 5.

  2. I'd also love to know what anime that is from

  3. Jeff could have his libido elevated gradually. Every time he loses control and seeks gratification, flaunting his body in front of dickgirls, for instance, his orgasms trigger more changes in his looks. Bigger boobs, fuller lips, pink hair... whatever. He feels terrible shame for giving in to his lust and winds up looking even more like he wants to get dirty with his next partner(s). Poor Jeff.

  4. what if candy finds a sexy girl with a lot tentacles that takes a liking to her and loves shoving all her tentacles in all of candy's fuck holes

  5. I second Throne's motion.

  6. I second both motions on the table


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