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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Of Mischevious Genies & Mis-wished Wishes

Been a while since I did anything Genie, Djinn or Witch themed for that matter so after a few requests for catgirl Candy, here we are. :3

This goes back to the 'Genies Wishes' series I use to do that always involved the words being twisted or just the genie deciding to put his own lil spin on what an individual has said aloud.

Good to be specific & watch what you might say out in the open or who knows what may happen or may not? 

Enjoy & more updates soon enough, including the return of the infamous Bimbtronic 3000 that will be included in a bimbtastic one shot series.

 ~ Candy


  1. "Man i wish that hot hentai Neko babe named Candy Cat-chan was teleported into my room right now in 3d eager and willing to serve Saucy Sean as her male and well endowed master and Alpha.
    Dammit it didn't work. Stupid Djinn"

    Any loved Candy Cat chan I hope we see more of her :D

    1. Stranger things have happened & it wont be the last time we see Candy Cat-Chan. ;3

  2. Well i was hoping my wish was pretty incorruptible and iron clad with no creative loopholes. I guess a djinn didn't hear me. thats all :(

    I am glad to hear we will be seeing more of her ^_^

    1. Well the next nekomimi Candy cap will have you as a guest star so perhaps that Djinn did hear you afterall. ;3

  3. Well thank you in advance for including me. And a Djinn wish working purrfectly for once??? I'm intrigued...


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