(This is a 'Transformation' based blog for the posting of my personal works "XXX fictional caps" & my fantasies involving Gender Bending, M2F & Female to Futa/Dickgirl, Bimbo/Slut, Cartoonification/Flattening themes, Inanimate & Hentai TF's, that are usually forced/revenge themed.)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Q & A ? (Ask Candy Anything)

After many emails & a recent string of questions from many people, I decided to open up a free for all of anything goes questions you wanna ask Candy.

Be as XXX as you like or Vanilla, just remember that I ONLY do these personal Q & A's one time publicly for fun then I'll be done with it. 

So if you wanna ask about likes/dislikes, favorites, caps, etc. etc. or even kinks, do you worst or say your best so go crazy & lets see how entertaining this may end up..

All questions will be answered accordingly, unless its trolly jack assery then you'll get a F%$#@ O#$@ thrown your way!

Game on!


  1. What's the sexual position you'd most like to get fucked in as a girl?


    Why do you like blonde so much?

    1. Mmmmmmm, thats an easy one since "Doggystyle" would be my choice position since they say that the cock sinks deepest in that position if bent over just right.

      Such helplessness & lack of control with that extra unf if arms are pulled behind my back, held at the wrists with his one strongest hand like soft bondage.

      Would "cocksucking" also be a position, whoops. ~

      And as far as blondes, they just know how to do it proper & everybody knows blondes are the sluttiest & know how to have the most fun. *giggle*

  2. Single question, with a ton of variations: Why?

    Why did you get into tg?
    Why did you start making captions?
    Why are you still making them?
    Why the name Candy?
    Why is your stuff so consistently awesome?

    Feel free to answer any or all of these, or come up with any other "why"'s you can think of.

    1. 1) Its that hidden curiosity I've always had about certain aspects of being a female & how it might feel mentally as well as physically from being a girl.

      2) First time I crossed a cap by the infamous "Ed Miller" I knew I wanted to try to make them myself since I already was beginning to read TG/TF fiction & thought adding imagery to the story was just that much more brilliant/sexy!

      3) Because I enjoy what they bring to myself as well as others & helps feed my creative juices.

      4) No particular reason, just always thought it was a name that would go with my feminine persona since I could see myself as blonde, bubbly plus slightly seductive.

      5) If you ever find the answer to this question, please tell me since I dunno an answer to it. :3

      I honestly could ask you the same since I love your button pusher caps hun. ^^

  3. What's your ideal breast size?

    Favorite style of panties?

    Leather or Silk?

    If you were a real girl, would you be into anal?

    1. Mmmmmmm, good questions. ^^

      1) 36 DD of course, a blonde bimbo being a blonde without them.

      2) Cotton & striped, pink & white preferably but I do love "boy shorts" since they show off a nice shapely ass.

      3) Leather to wear & silk in the bedroom.

      4) Of course, it would almost be equal to vaginal well at least for me but I'm slutty like that. :3

  4. if you had the power to secretly give someone you knew the ability to transform you into a real girl, who would they be? and what is the most devious way that they would transform you?

    1. Hmmmmmmmm, perhaps a male friend but no one in particular & one that would enjoy slowly molding me with his new found magical powers into the perfect slutty sextoy for him to play with.

      I would say slowly, through magic but manipulating my mind just enough to bimbo-fy me day to day with my complete male mind intact.

      Slowly breasts would swell bigger, hips curvier & an ass that filled with fat just slow enough to pro-long my transformative humiliation or process.

      Clothes would also change, becoming smaller, sluttier & tighter to fit my newly shaped bimbo form that would eventually result in a living bimbo sexdoll.

      That would be a fun yet humiliating way to be manipulated & transformed, slow bimboisation.

  5. Okay I wanna ask more questions;

    1) Would you be more likely to cheat on a guy and fuck his best-friend, or cheat on your own best-friend and fuck her guy?

    2) What's your favourite look, clothes and make up?

    3) What's the naughtiest place you can imagine having sex and how would it feel?

    1. Ask away, Miss Bitch. >:3

      1) Gah, such a devious & hard to answer question...I plead the 5th but gotta say neither unless it was meant as payback or revenge that I may consider either or, depending on the circumstances.

      2) Pink shiny lip gloss, Overly tiny schoolgirl outfits that show off just the right curves, I love latex (anything) & have a thing for thigh highs plus ties around necks with open white button up shirts or shirtless. Schoolgirl is my fav look I think, theres a few I enjoy honestly.

      3) Hmmmmm, a bathroom stall or perhaps an elevator since exhibitionism is sexy. Thoughts of being caught is a turn on, but trying not to. Showers are another major turn on for me, a steamy shower with two wet bodys pressed together makes me melt just thinking about it.

      Mmmmmmm, fuck that got me a bit excited...Thanks bitch, you seem to have that affect on me but I think you know that already.

  6. will ever do a set of caps on billy to barbie oneday love your caps thank you for all you do hugs

    1. Maybe, unsure of who your talking about & thanks!

  7. Mmmmm I was to go to sleep, and then here you are asking questions. GOSH I'm a sucker for questions times *giggle*

    So here's some spamming by your lovely Alectra :P

    1. Why do you think Bimbo rules over Brunettes?
    2. Why Bimbos one day will rule the world, and you'll set Bimbonia as the only Queendom *giggle*
    3. Why you chose Candy over any other name?
    4. Why are you so fucking amazingly bimbo?
    5. Why are you so much in love with Simone and left us some other mistresses to look? ;P
    6. Why are you so focused on blowjobs caps *giggle*

    And those are my questions have fun ;)

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    1. Haha, there fun & a good way to pick someones brain a bit more if your curious about certain things. <3

      1) Mmmmmmmmm, because there always cuming out on top, PUNS INTENDED! Brunettes are hot as well but blondes all the way, that will never change for me.

      2)Because there so sexy, enticing & hard to resist once they begin to seduce you then its far too late & you've become part of the bubblehead alliance/army!

      3)Mmmm, it just fit my female persona but theres no underlying or deep meaning to it hun.

      4)When you find the answer, let me know.

      5)Haha, theres many reasons but me & Simone have spent some alone time quite a bit..Shes an old sole like me & a seductive yet sexy bitch that seems to know just the right buttons to push when it comes to me but as far as the other Mistresses, soon enough. I have plans coming up so expect new things to arise my dear.

      6)I think you forgot anal, but because I have an oral fixation & there sexy, fun.


  8. I saw you have a link to Fictionmania on your blog. What are your 3 favorite stories on that site, and why?

    Will you share the caption by Ed Miller that got you into Captioning your own TG pictures?


    1. While I dont have a specific few on there that I can pinpoint towards, I do always make my way back to one of Ed Millers storys that always gets me going & thats his "Miss Shelia Deville's School For Wayward Boys".

      I always fantasize about being in "Timmys" shoes in that tale of slow feminisation & debauchery.

      As far as what cap, I have a small handfull & instead of posting them all in this reply I'll make a thread post on here dedicated to him with links to them.

      Hes def one of the first that got me going next to JD's which are pretty hot as well.

  9. Your caps about being forced or manipulated into being a slutty bimbo are such a turn on! Have you ever heard of real life revenge stories where a macho guy gets turned into a slutty bimbo against his/her will? If so how do I sign up lol.

    Seriously, thanks for providing me with a sexy dream and possibly real life transformation sometime in the future!

    1. Thanks, always love hearing my caps can bring people away from there day to day just long enough to get a sense of something else.

      Hmmmmm, I may & have a cap or two with that theme made plus planned eventually. ^^

  10. What would be your best advice for someone who is on the heavy side, but wants to be turned into a sexy slut for everyone to use?

    1. I would start with a book of magic is your able to find one & if you do, please let me know where you got it. ^^

  11. Have I lost my chance to ask a question? I just thought of one.

    What do you think is a better catalyst for becoming a bimbo; bubblegum or cotton candy?

    1. For you its never too late ya slut..

      As far as that, its definately "pink bubblegum" since I do have a cap planned with it as the theme for TF in it.

      I always imagine that as the person chews the bimbo-gum it slowly feminises them before eventually transforming them physically into the perfect sexpot.

      Once that bubble bursts, the mental affects kick in & finalise the TF before there brain melts metaphorically into pink euphoria & complete bubbleheadedness.

      Cotton Candy could have similiat affects but bubble gums a classic.

  12. Can you do personal request?
    If you can, will you do one with the name Jon and Holly?

  13. do you feminize guys?


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