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Friday, April 7, 2017

Digitally Dolled 2

(A part 2 & response to Natalie with Anon tossed in from my Digitally Dolled cap.)

"Nghhhhhh, how long have I been like stuck as this 2 dimensional schoolgirl?"


  1. "Yes, You know how much I love a morning bj! But Candy, my sweetness, don't forget to put in your vibrating butt plug and giant vibrating dildo in your pussy! I love to watch you squirm while you suck!" Natalie said as she opened the bedside drawer containing the toys she mentioned.

    (Mmm...perfect! I love having purple hair! It's my favorite! <3)

    1. "Wha.........That things huge! Squirm like while I suck?" I mutter under my breath, gulping in as I look at both of the huge vibrating dildo's & that huge dribbling half stiffened girlcock while licking my lips before crawling onto the bed.

      (Oh yes, I remember & always try to keep one of my fav dickgirls happy with the lil' things like that. <3)

    2. Nat reached into the drawer and removed the vibrators. "Here I'll help you!" Natalie said as she positioned the each dildo, and inserted them in Candy's ass and pussy while also stripping the currently dark haired Candy of her schoolgirl uniform.

      "Ok, you're all switched on, and I turned them to full on. Time to put those pretty lips to work!"



    3. "Ngh, soooooo sensative! Eeeeeeeeeep, there moving soooo fast! Mmmmmmmmm, not sure I can control myself! Oh mah gawd....!" I squeal, unable to stop from wriggling my ass against the aggressive revolving of the vibrators before slowly wrapping my lips around that big girlcock as I begin to slurp, suck & bob as my tongue laps at the pre dribbling head.

      (Mmmmmmm, that pics so sexy. <3)

    4. Nat bites her lip as Candy's tongue slides up and down the length of her shaft. "Mmm...good girl Candy, very good!" Nat says as she reaches down and works one of the vibrators in and out of Candy's ass, while at the same time fondling her own tit with her other hand. "Uhnn...what a wonderful little slut you are sweetness."

    5. "Nghhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Candy can only squeal, as she continues to suck on that girlcock while beginning to shiver at the vibrators plunging into her asshole plus pussy even deeper.


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