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Monday, March 20, 2017

Doodled Or......?

Sometimes you find out how truly real magic can be, seems a new slutty hentai manga has surfaced but I wonder what Candy content/storys it contains? 


  1. Very sexy. I'd love to see if the Djinn would sell that book, or the girl in it.

    1. And 2 dimensional, that Djinn not ONLY flattened me but turned me into a complete cock-slut.


      Why do I get the feel if you got this slutty Candy hentai Manga, I may end up like this?


      Or this:


      Or both before you flattened me silly, maybe turn me into a slutty hentai love pillow to use & abuse.


      "Oh no....."

    2. It most certainly would turn out like you thought, though before making you a super slutty Daki, I would have to let you slurp and suck all over my cock a few good times.

      "Don't worry candy I'm sure you will enjoy this more than I will. Its better than being in some old book forever right?"

      *Slowly he walks forward his crotch mere inches from her face and he slowly unzips the bluge in front of her*

      *The book closes*

      "Wow this is a great book."

    3. *Gulps*

      "Oh my, are you gonna flatten me silly into a slutty hentai daki then humiliate me after I service my yummy masters cock?" I mutter, giggling bimboishly a bit while still under the mind control of the slutification magic over taking my brain before quickly beginning to slurp, pop, lick & sloppily suck on the cock in front of me like a common cocksucking pornstar.


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