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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Collecting the Digital Debt

"Oh my gawd like I cant believes I already got in troubles this year, oh wellzies I guess theres some vids for you guys & dickgirlzies to watch with me" 


"Watch Candy in her first vid on our site, this sluts a natural!"

Djinn XXX


  1. *Suddenly everything takes on a more hentai style and I appear to your left with my huge throbbing girl cock, erect and ready, poking it against your cheek* Come on you cocksucking slut, I'm next, I'm sure all those well hung dickgirl waiting in line and watching at home wanna see you sucking me off with those bimbo lips of yours before they blow their fat loads for you~ *I coo with a smirk before grabbing your blonde locks and pushing my head forcibly against your plump cummy lips, using the last guy's spooge as lube, and boy are you gonna need it slut~*

    1. "Wha........like wait!" I squeal out before with a sloppy wet 'Ulp' that big hentai girlcock slips past my parted plump cum dripping lips, going deeper in & out of my throat.

      Soon the title "Blonde hentai girlcock lovers" scrolls over the screen as lewd sloppy slurps continue, my eyes going slightly crossed as I feel plus watch the huge girlcock slipping in & out of my slutty mouth.


    2. (Correct image link)


    3. *Smirks grabbing the back your head and starting to really skullfuck your slutty throat, the girls waiting in line getting impatient as suddenly the blonde bimbo is surrounded by 7 throbbing girlcocks, all of them huge, two poking her cheeks and smearing pre over her face as a subtitle appear below the title, "Glorious Gaping Gangbangs 6" one sliding underneath her and thrusting her cock home into the slutty pussy, causing her to stick out her ass which was summerally filled by two throbbing cocks at once "Better work faster slut, we still have more friends coming, gonna loooove seeing you try and take 12 raging hardons at once~" she teased with a moan as she shot her first load into the cocksleeve's cum resevoir*

  2. Can you pull me into to the henti verse

  3. GeezLouise...
    This world and our finite lifetimes
    are over in a snap...
    and I personally dont wanna see
    you going to Hell.

    trustNjesus, dear.
    God bless your indelible soul.

  4. Looks delightful I'll have to check back later on. thank-You


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